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We are all One, here to SHARE resources of mind, body and spirit. The Plan of light, love and power is unfolding like a fragrant rose in the moonlight. Once we realize this in behavior, our world will transform very quickly. Read More

I plan on writing a bit each week, so gather round the water cooler and chew on this if ya’ll are interested. Blessings, z.


It is said that we do nothing by ourselves, that all creations are co-creations between us and God, however one believes God is.  My art, EcoPrimative Designs began 40 years ago when I was hospitalized with exhaustion and stress. A kind nurse handed me a couple colored pens and a pad of paper. I had then the time and space to tune into the still small voice and observe the colors of our world. That is how my art began. View More Art by Zoli



Where do these beautiful songs come from? I intuit them sometimes from my soul and other times as the end product of research on a subject. Am I gifted? No more than another who applies these same methods of listening, observing and acting on these intuitions...Zoli's Albums and Tiitles

Weekly Invocation

About Zoli

I listen and observe. That’s it, nothing magical or unusual in this skill I have developed in order to receive creativity from The Holy Spirit. You can do this too, as it requires only a spiritual passion and a little time set aside for listening and observing.

We are all one in the heart of God. Separations from religious, political and cultural beliefs all meld into one energy when in the presence of Spirit. You have the inherent gift of being available to listen and really hear the still small voice within. The physical senses can be used to affirm blessings or judgements, love or harm, all present for our choosing..  Read More

Church of the Golden Shadow

It is my hope and my prayer that you will find encouragement, hope, and healing in the words I write and the songs I sing. You are not alone.  Read More