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Welcome to Zoliart Online

Weekly Invocation

Look within to understand external circumstances. 

They are in constant flux but a peacefulness within delays 

reaction and invites love. 

Be at peace!

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Never too old to heal


Just livin' the dream

The Olympia Project

Songs for Mother Nature


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The Reality Pirates Journal

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Off Worlders - Series

Addiction and Recovery ` Series

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It is said that we do nothing by ourselves, that all creations are co-creations between us and God, however one believes God is. My art, EcoPrimative Designs began 40 years ago when I was hospitalized with exhaustion and stress. A kind nurse handed me a couple colored pens and a pad of paper. I had then the time and space to tune into the still small voice and observe the colors of our world. That is how my art began.

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About Zoli

I listen and observe. That’s it, nothing magical or unusual in this skill I have developed in order to receive creativity from The Holy Spirit. You can do this too, as it requires only a spiritual passion and a little time set aside for listening and observing.

We are all one in the heart of God. Separations from religious, political and cultural beliefs all meld into one energy when in the presence of Spirit. You have the inherent gift of being available to listen and really hear the still small voice within. The physical senses can be used to affirm blessings or judgements, love or harm, all present for our choosing.