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**New Video Released!**
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The Zoliart Companies LLC is thrilled to announce a new cd in the works! We will record again with Jason Suko in Shelton, Wa. at his wonderful South Sound Sounds.

The Olympia Project 2 will be a quirky mix of fun, silly songs and several spiritual compositions. We look foreword to delighting you with a new cd this fall!

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Recovery Ministry

We are so excited about this ministry and we invite you to visit the website
It is my hope and my prayer that you will find encouragement, hope, and healing in the words I write and the songs I sing.  You are not alone.

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Music & Videos

*Just living the dream
* Songs for Mother Nature
* Mestizo * Never too old to heal
* The Olympia Project 1
* The Olympia Project 2 (Coming Soon)




Writing I listen and observe. That’s it, nothing magical or unusual in this skill I have developed in order to receive creativity from The Holy Spirit. view all titles

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About Zoli

Born in 1953 smack in the middle of New Orleans and raised in Birmingham, Alabama during the Civil Rights Era...read more



Lynda and Zoli finally got all the costumes tucked away in their little covers. We also planted a de-humidifier in the studio for greater climate control. Looks more organized, right?  Read More



We who live in such abundance are called upon by the Holy Spirit to uplift our brothers and sisters by offering them sustenance to simply live. Read more


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