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Article 1 

On this planet Earth, we have over 3,000 etheric and physical forms sharing our experience as human beings:


Off-Worlder technocratic societies

Off-Worlder Watchers

Off- Worlder life forms who come to assist us

The Devic Kingdoms of Nature

The Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms

The Purgatorial and Discarnate human souls.

We are all One, here to SHARE resources of mind, body and spirit. The Plan of light, love and power is unfolding like a fragrant rose in the moonlight. Once we realize this in behavior, our world will transform very quickly.

Love is the glue and foundation of the Plan, that subtle rumble underneath all the emotional noise. This true love is not what we experience here, not yet at least. It involves participation in harmless living, in following through with what we think by saying our truth and detaching from the outcome. Kindness is not in opposition to reticence and discernment.

The Off-Worlder Beings with whom I have the honor to commune are quite beyond the human messy and reactive experience. But that is exactly why they are curious about us. Our emotional nature sets us apart from countless other worlds. In fact, our emotions are what they find so fascinating. Human emotions are a foundation for Their future evolution. They watch, they assist and they never interfere.

Is the abduction experience real? Yes, but it is never in opposition to our free will. That is sacrosanct for all who live and interact here. Then why is the experience so frightening? When a human sees an Off-Worlder, the visuals are highly traumatic to the emotional body. Not only are They visually different from humans but their ability to drop frequency when showing themselves as physical is indeed shocking. They try to ease that burden by cloistering the experience under a veil of forgetfulness for us.

If that is all true, then how and why do they “abduct”? The human forgets that he has an agreement with Them to SHARE resources. What?! The two populations of Grays are technocratic populations. I have done research with the darker colored ones and let me tell you, they have zero boundaries, are totally unemotional and absolutely brilliant. Their presence feels electric and pushy, focussed only on the task at hand. After several years of conscious contact with these guys, I chose to end the project by setting boundaries with them...” No, I get a life. No, you cannot just pop in and pressure me to stop what I am doing to scribble your messages as fast as you project them.”

This became rather treacherous while driving as I would write with one hand and steer with the left hand. Nope, done.

The silver-gray Zetas are benevolent, considerate and loving. My three hybrid children are from them. Ms Manners could take lessons from these guys’ contact protocol.

Why do these two populations “abduct”? The grays live for maybe 600 years, then poof. Their body elements disintegrate and the are what we call dead. Do they have souls? Not human souls but something specific to their way of being. But here is the issue...they cannot reincarnate. They create hybrids in the aspiration of learning how to place humanity into their advanced race. Will they? Who knows. My hybrid children live on ships because their blended physicality cannot survive our planetary pressures and energies, biologically. I had a fourth child but she died almost after creation.

No mass landings will occur on the White House lawn. They/we are kind, not threatening. What good would it serve to feed into the Hollywood horror that is implanted in humans now, a war of the worlds? Not happening. Kindness, compassion and care is their signature. SHARE the resources.

Again, why are some people abducted? Those people, in the words of the Off-Worlders, “belong to no one”. They are, crudely put, free game because of their focus. I do not truly understand that statement, and realize the judgement it appears to project. I intuit that these folks simply connect to a different path. They are not ignorant or even non-spiritual, only intellegently spiritual in a way perhaps yet presented to humanity. They all have agreements to do this sacrificial work. True dat.

Have you ever watched a wildlife scientist capturing perhaps a bird to tag it for future research? While they are not trying to harm the animal it is certainly not where it wants to be at the moment. The captured critter is unaware it is assisting its species. I see the abduction phenomenon similarly. The bird is scared, does not want to participate, feels captured and forced, but is then released to live its life with an implant or tracking device. Human abductions are very complicated and done usually by technocratic unemotional beings whose appearance scares the living daylights out of us. Nuff said.

During the November new moon in Scorpio, I was visited etherically by an Off-Worlder who requested I begin putting these experiences online. It appears that ships are dropping frequency more often these days, resulting in sightings. Contactees are being told to prepare to receive more intel than we have. Something has changed and I appear to be too dense to connect with it. So, I will begin telling you more of my experiences than I have yet to speak of partially because I wondered who the heck wants to read this stuff? As usual, I was wrong. Apparently there is a lot of interest out there about “aliens”. The little I have read about contactees and scientific reports has been less than stellar, as I wonder if they are telling the truth. You all may wonder that about what I claim to experience. I do not blame you. Please use discernment.

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