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Article 1

On this planet Earth, we have over 3,000 etheric and physical forms sharing our experience as human beings:


Off-Worlder technocratic societies

Off-Worlder Watchers

Off- Worlder life forms who come to assist us

The Devic Kingdoms of Nature

The Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms

The Purgatorial and Discarnate human souls.

We are all One, here to SHARE resources of mind, body and spirit. The Plan of light, love and power is unfolding like a fragrant rose in the moonlight. Once we realize this in behavior, our world will transform very quickly.

Love is the glue and foundation of the Plan, that subtle rumble underneath all the emotional noise. This true love is not what we experience here, not yet at least. It involves participation in harmless living, in following through with what we think by saying our truth and detaching from the outcome. Kindness is not in opposition to reticence and discernment.

The Off-Worlder Beings with whom I have the honor to commune are quite beyond the human messy and reactive experience. But that is exactly why they are curious about us. Our emotional nature sets us apart from countless other worlds. In fact, our emotions are what they find so fascinating. Human emotions are a foundation for Their future evolution. They watch, they assist and they never interfere.

Is the abduction experience real? Yes, but it is never in opposition to our free will. That is sacrosanct for all who live and interact here. Then why is the experience so frightening? When a human sees an Off-Worlder, the visuals are highly traumatic to the emotional body. Not only are They visually different from humans but their ability to drop frequency when showing themselves as physical is indeed shocking. They try to ease that burden by cloistering the experience under a veil of forgetfulness for us.

If that is all true, then how and why do they “abduct”? The human forgets that he has an agreement with Them to SHARE resources. What?! The two populations of Grays are technocratic populations. I have done research with the darker colored ones and let me tell you, they have zero boundaries, are totally unemotional and absolutely brilliant. Their presence feels electric and pushy, focussed only on the task at hand. After several years of conscious contact with these guys, I chose to end the project by setting boundaries with them...” No, I get a life. No, you cannot just pop in and pressure me to stop what I am doing to scribble your messages as fast as you project them.”

This became rather treacherous while driving as I would write with one hand and steer with the left hand. Nope, done.

The silver-gray Zetas are benevolent, considerate and loving. My three hybrid children are from them. Ms Manners could take lessons from these guys’ contact protocol.

Why do these two populations “abduct”? The grays live for maybe 600 years, then poof. Their body elements disintegrate and the are what we call dead. Do they have souls? Not human souls but something specific to their way of being. But here is the issue...they cannot reincarnate. They create hybrids in the aspiration of learning how to place humanity into their advanced race. Will they? Who knows. My hybrid children live on ships because their blended physicality cannot survive our planetary pressures and energies, biologically. I had a fourth child but she died almost after creation.

No mass landings will occur on the White House lawn. They/we are kind, not threatening. What good would it serve to feed into the Hollywood horror that is implanted in humans now, a war of the worlds? Not happening. Kindness, compassion and care is their signature. SHARE the resources.

Again, why are some people abducted? Those people, in the words of the Off-Worlders, “belong to no one”. They are, crudely put, free game because of their focus. I do not truly understand that statement, and realize the judgement it appears to project. I intuit that these folks simply connect to a different path. They are not ignorant or even non-spiritual, only intellegently spiritual in a way perhaps yet presented to humanity. They all have agreements to do this sacrificial work. True dat.

Have you ever watched a wildlife scientist capturing perhaps a bird to tag it for future research? While they are not trying to harm the animal it is certainly not where it wants to be at the moment. The captured critter is unaware it is assisting its species. I see the abduction phenomenon similarly. The bird is scared, does not want to participate, feels captured and forced, but is then released to live its life with an implant or tracking device. Human abductions are very complicated and done usually by technocratic unemotional beings whose appearance scares the living daylights out of us. Nuff said.

During the November new moon in Scorpio, I was visited etherically by an Off-Worlder who requested I begin putting these experiences online. It appears that ships are dropping frequency more often these days, resulting in sightings. Contactees are being told to prepare to receive more intel than we have. Something has changed and I appear to be too dense to connect with it. So, I will begin telling you more of my experiences than I have yet to speak of partially because I wondered who the heck wants to read this stuff? As usual, I was wrong. Apparently there is a lot of interest out there about “aliens”. The little I have read about contactees and scientific reports has been less than stellar, as I wonder if they are telling the truth. You all may wonder that about what I claim to experience. I do not blame you. Please use discernment.

I plan on writing a bit each week, so gather round the water cooler and chew on this if ya’ll are interested. Blessings, z.

Article 2

If you are reading this perhaps you are a bit like me, seeking confirmation of our unusual experiences and trying to connect them to something familiar. Are you intrigued by architecture? I am rather obsessed with it. Buckminster Fuller is one of my heroes, as his geodesic domes peppered the landscape of my mind in the 1980’s. Have you ever played on a “ jungle gym”, that geodesic structure on playgrounds? It is constructed of a series of interconnected triangles who support each other by what Bucky termed “ tensile integrity”. Unlike a square, if you were to remove one side of the triangle it would not collapse. Bucky inferred that communication among peoples of the earth could be improved using this technique: one person connects with a second, and the second person connects with a third. A fourth person then creates one arm of the next triangle. A geodesic communication web can connect all of us. Buckminster Fuller predated the internet, right?

We are indeed One. The Off-Worlders stress our diverse interconnectedness through the heart. When we recognize the signature of others as ourselves, we will be closer to living as They do. They want community with us and do everything possible, within the laws of our free-will, to open and maintain our recognition of their signature.

So what happens when we receive messages outside of our five physical senses? The Beings I communicate with label this “subspace frequency”. The term may not be scientifically correct, but that is their label for extrasensory communication. How do we discern if the message is valid, meaning not from our own imagination? Am I getting a download from Spirit or maybe a Devic being? What if it is from an Off-Worlder or a discarnate? How the heck do we discern who or what it is? Much of my own work bleeds this energy. I mistake Nature Spirits for Off-Worlders usually because I am more attuned to their signature. That’s really it, isn’t it? The energetic signatures of these various Beings FEEL different from one another. But my problem stems from not paying attention to my intuition and rushing headlong into the intellectual reason for Their visiting me. Or what if it is really me visiting them?! Do you wonder about these things? I think you do, or perhaps you will now that we are talking about it.

What could ever prepare us for an encounter with an Off-Worlder? We will either keep the experience to ourselves or seek some sort of community of like-minded others.

You are not alone. Even if you simply suspect you have had some sort of contact, be assured that other folks share your feelings. I know you understand. We are quite similar in that humans are at their best with some sort of healthy connection to group or tribe, right?

There has never been a time like this on our earth, and many Beings want in on the experience of watching earth transform lower energies into the brilliant light of unity. What connects us to others? A sharing of values, of virtues and vices and all things in between. In other words, we connect because of shared interests. Off-Worlders share interests with humanity, connecting curiosity and desire to integrate values. Are we Their past or future, or are They ours? Maybe both, eh? How can we tell...we cannot. We ain’t there yet.

These humble writings invoke the passion of understanding how we all interconnect. Species survival depends upon resilience and reliance upon something higher and lower than where we find ourselves in the moment. Said moment is shifting all of the time, morphing and twisting reality into something we do not yet recognize. This hurts. Why? We loooove comfort. Stasis is the martini of reality shifting, one olive at a time. We don’ wanna change. Off-Worlders can be terrifying because we cannot realize them sans changing our perspective. All the olives in our world cannot drown the pain of that truth. We gotta change and the time is now.

Why is the heart so important with Off-Worlder commo? They are better at it than we are, at least until our race devolves from separating the heart and the head. The HeartMath Institute has dedicated its work to recovering the tender morcel of substance from the blubber of our materialistic obsession with the intellect. We like facts. Facts reassure our five physical senses that they matter, and ego feeds on that. But don’t those brilliantly technocratic Off-Worlders think more than feel? If they were so darn touchy-feely would they not treat “abductees” with more tenderness? Humans hear love songs, pat furry quadrupeds, reel in the scent of lavender and sigh when watching a sunset. That’s love, right? Well, that is the integration of the five physical senses with the energies of love, enormously valuable in sensory terms. But the kind if love LIVED by Off-Worlders is a 24/7 sunset while intimately connected to everything and everyone else. Furry pet included.

Good will is the bottom rung of the love ladder, and we see it connect humanity especially during times of crises. Compassionate interaction, non-violent connection and

the ability to hold space for another are higher on the love ladder. Why do we humans keep slipping? Off-Worlders are here to create a firmer foothold for us. They struggled to climb that ladder millennia ago. Will we ever get it? Yes, I believe so. The subject of thinking from the heart is far beyond my teensy ability to correctly explain to anyone, as all I can do is just attempt to fulfill that challenge daily. Take a look at if you like. Live what you love and love what you live. Namaste!

Article 3

How do God and the Holy Spirit weave into the Off-Worlder narrative? Do “aliens” believe in God? In any higher power? Yes, they do. Acutely so, but not in a devotional sense. They see themselves as one with Divinity. It appears that it is not something They have to aspire to. They do not appear to pray to, request forgiveness from, nor negotiate behavior from a spiritual power. Nor do they seem to have a devotional practice as we would recognize it. Off-Worlders seem to exist within the folds of the garment of Their Creator, at one with it in all ways.

Perhaps the most accurate description of Their communion with the Divine is theosophy, “ theo” can mean “ divine, or divinity”, and “sophia” translates to mean “wisdom”. Theosophical beliefs and theories are the occult “hidden” basis for religions of our earth. Why? Divine wisdom is the fuel which feeds the soul’s ability to express as mind, body and spirit on the earth plane. Was this gifted to us by Them? Are They watching us evolve into the kindness of that of treating each other? You decide.

Devotion, the praise and worship aspect of connecting with higher power is only one way to access connection to divinity. In Theosophy, devotion is a primary attribute of the 6th Ray. Behavior and intent respect one another, following that Golden Rule inherent in all religions.

Every planet in the universe belongs to a hierarchical system of silent and expressed codes of belief and conduct. What those rules are is far beyond my pitiful ability to understand, yet the consideration for the purpose and continuation of Their existence connects through some sort of Code. Feel free to enlighten me if any of y’all intuit factoids on this subject.

But I digress. It appears that we Humans kill each other when our name for the name Higher Power varies. True dat. And we wonder why They tread lightly around our warring nature? They say that this particular 2,500 period ( not exact) is Aquarian. This “new age” began coming in about 1675 AD, whilst the ”old age” began losing power here around 1625. They say also that after the potential planetary destruction passed in 1999, the Age of Aquarius set down firmer roots in 2017. Who knows if that is all true, or true at all. The grain of salt I take with each ingress of new intel is dehydrating me.

If we assume that Their dates and factoids are true, then why are Off-Worlders recently choosing to drop frequency in astounding numbers so that our eyes may see Their light ships and even their bodies? Where does our connection with the potent Divine Feminine and Their easy expression of that energy merge? It does, you know. Do you feel it? That interconnection not for one religion only. That Presence surpasses dogma and intellect. Something is happening and it is all One.

“ What if you saw and heard everyone as your self?” They said this to me years ago and I have pondered its power since.

“ Self love is not self adoration. You can only love one another after learning to love your self.”

What a rich challenge for my ego personality. This expresses the God/ Holy Spirit feeling tone and nudges me toward conjoining with that which I have yet to understand or be able to act upon 24/7.

The Off-Worlders are beholden to recognize and interact with us within the boundaries of certain laws. Our free-will is the foundation for that. The God piece in that reflects Their recognition of our spiritual energy.

One fine day when I was engaging my very human ability to argue with and intellectually doubt absolutely any help They offered, I was stopped in my tracks when They said

“ Any and every crisis is a spiritual one. All challenges are spiritual, clothed in the illusion of materiality and released by the solution of love.”

At age 66, I am barely getting that, wishing I had begun learning it sooner.

Every interaction I have with an Off-Worlder is a lesson. As we evolve spiritually, so do Their words come home to us with more feeling and less fear. What They are is our future. What we are to them is love.

Article 4

I received this magnificent transmission and chose to share it with you. My prayer is that you perhaps feel the same love and excitement that I felt as I transcribed Their words:

“There are cultures who have never had a thought or performed an action that was not in full alignment with those who created them. Many levels of understanding and behaviors express through our cultures.

“ This solar system presents beings who are humanoid in form, although varying in appearance. The Heavenly Man is the pattern expressed.

“ Inter-dimensional and inner- dimensional conscious beings appear shockingly diverse to the perception of human beings. We mean no harm and intend no diversion from the prime source of expression, which is love. The reptilians, insectoids, undefined forms and animal-like beings are examples of those communities. “There is ongoing interaction with and for thousands of specific types, both planetary and inner/inter frequencied. Know that we approach more closely now, watch for our thought-created, bio-living “ships” as we drop frequency to allow your populations to see and hear us. We mean you no harm. Allow us into your heart. We are One.”

Article 5

I am not a fan of insects. I will cary them outside, offer respite to bugs and spiders, grind out compassion for other creepy crawlies but no, my heart does not leap with joy to see a bug.

This past summer offered a plethora of grasshoppers who for some irrational reason,I like. In my humble book, The Reality Pirate’s Journal, I told you about the humongo praying mantis people visiting me. I thought they were Devic but was flat out wrong. A year after writing about Their gentle yet disconcerting visit, I happened across an article, no, two actually, on “ Alien Time Traveller Praying Mantises”.

The time traveller bugs showed me some colors which emitted sound, and some gelatinous like substance which gave off musical notes I could internally smell. What was this? I think it is all jumbled up when the five earthly senses are impacted by frequencies emitted by these gentle giants. Dunno. Any ideas? They mentally transmitted to me that this phenomena is a crossing over between temporal edges, and that love rules it. The etheric heart to the right side of our physical one generates the type of love which involutes and evolutes simultaneously. It’s felt as consciousness on steroids, kinda. What do ya’ll think about this: do feelings possess a certain and differentiating flavor or signature? If we are attuned to those feelings, can they identify the source of said feelings? We come within inches of our true self then run away in fear of the light it offers. Hate it when I do that....

I love talking with these guys even though I have absolutely no idea what Their words mean. Way over my head. They offer that I mistakenly intellectualize what should be felt. My aspiration with 100% of my reception work is that others would be able to incorporate what I can only try to understand into their own un-coveries.

Sometimes we become our best self by acting out our worst self, right? Hindsight offers visibility into the deep chasm of the shadow side. Humanity’s reactivity towards Off-Worlders saddens me, as our worst case glamorized scenarios present as truth. Nothing could be further from it.

We are guided to not resist the future while avoiding the prolongation of a dead and outdated past. They show us what we have yet to imagine and remind us that miracles are every day realities when fear is replaced with love.

If we rush headlong into judgement of others for lack of their perfection, for faults unlimited and opinions different from ours, we miss the reasons why our brothers, the Off-Worlders are here. It is our imperfect humanity that draws them to us, that deepens the bonds among worlds and creates safe passage to join in the holy matrimony of other to Other, the alchemical bonding through the love between opposites.

We hoard love in fear of its loss. We project our own failings onto a mythical Higher Power whose discontent with our behavior pretends to give us permission to be nasty to one another. Off-Worlders harbor no illusion of a punishing demoniacal god who throws us into a hell or purgatory because we are faulted. Off-Worlders habituate themselves into the ever presence of Divine Love.

Love like a dog, eat like a bird, sleep like a baby.

Article 6

Let’s take a look at what I have defined as TRIMORBIDITY:

I have noticed that with many folks experiencing voices, they tend to report that they “hear” voices when actually that voice is internally generated as thoughts. I myself often define my experiences in those terms, forgetting to explain that the messages I receive are from the Inner Sense of Hearing, rather than a voice similar to what I would hear from a person. In the case of demonic or discarnate spirit infestation, external voices are rather rare. It appears that pressing vocal phenomena through the veil of the Astral levels is far more challenging than moving a physical object. Dunno yet, but just sayin’...

Our five physical senses offer ingress and egress into physical world experience. We also possess four inner senses of hearing, vision, smelling and taste. This similarity in experiencing inner and outer senses can be confusing when we desire to communicate the internal identification of a reception, often labeling that more-unfamiliar experience with more familiar terminology.

I have had two cases of late in which each individual repeatedly said they “hear voices”. Since I am not trained in the assessment or diagnosis of mental disorders, I could only prod them for more information to hopefully get them to those capable of,and trained in,the fields of psychology or psychiatry.

That said, I have yet to have a case in which the affects and effects of “ abductions” do not present as psychological trauma, oft-times lasting a lifetime. We are not yet compassionate enough to follow through with these cases without labeling these folks as cray-cray. The term I chose to employ is Trimobidity, defined as the co-occurring experience of the original trauma (abductions), presented psychological issue and some sort of inner-or inter-dimensional ability or experience of a psychic nature. In our rush to intellectually define experience, we too often overlook the tenderness of feelings. Our feeling/emotional nature is the sweetness attracting Off-Worlders to us.

Part of our attraction to Off-Worlders is their very off-worlder-ness. They seem to possess control over emotion which we humans are yet to grok. They can see, hear, do and be things we only dream of. Are They attempting to gradually teach us Their skills? Maybe. But here’s the thing: Every single case I work with ends up with the affectee having to gain personal control over the situation by using his free will. No outside force can effect that result except for Divine intervention. But Divine intervention can occur only after one has done 50% of the effort oneself. A disproportionately large percentage of my cases begin with the dear soul saying to me “ I think I’m possessed. I need an exorcism.” Think of how much distress those folks are in to believe such a radical path is necessary to return them to the precious peace of mind they/ we all seek!

Trimorbidity is my word for the co-occurring presentations of mental distress, Off-Worlder involvement and paranormal activity interacting at differing levels to create the perfect storm of crisis and confusion. These folks seek help from energy healers, clergy, allopaths, homeopaths, counselors, psychiatrists...anyone who can offer help in any way. But the results are distressing because those trying to help are skilled in one or two of the Trimorbid conditions, rarely skilled in all three. These skilled clinicians and healers desire to help but, like me, are usually trained in only one area, see?

A new paradigm presents itself. This population of Trimorbidly affected folks seems to be increasing. At this point I need to differentiate this population from the those affected by organic brain disease and psychiatric issues that could mirror the above-mentioned presentations of disordered thought. Yours truly cannot work there, whereas I always ask up front about psychological/ psychiatric history, at least enough to reveal whether or not I need to refer them to a psychiatric or counseling colleague. My desire to assist them does not translate in the ability to do so.

We must follow the learning curve and learn to manage the new energies. We are more powerful together than separate. The ability to maintain individual awareness of self while joining with like-minded others presents the signature of the new energies.

The Chemical Fix

Doing drugs and alcohol is an attempt to lift oneself out of the drudgery and commonplace of daily life. One is seeking communion with the Divine. Drug and alcohol methods CAN accomplish communion with various exciting frequencies, but these methods are temporary. The burn fast and hot and leave the user empty and unsatisfied. Why is that? Because they are chemical implants into the body and mind which control the person’s power of free will. We therefore hear the phrases “ Oh, that was the alcohol talking.”or “I was messed up, that wasn’t me.”

The very freedom sought to escape reality forces the user to become stuck in it. Seeking the Divine is a priority for humans. If one uses drugs and alcohol to access that rarified air, one accrues the debt of having to repay the loan from the substance. Free will is sacrosanct and is never abused by Off-Worlders. When humans abuse themselves by breaking that law, grief and failure soon follow. Even if humans believe they hear God, they cannot play God.

Article 7

Extreme High Weirdness

It all began with a dream I recalled from the wee hours of this morning: a star ship was languidly floating above our house. She was bright white and appeared like the bottom of a huge ocean liner. I stood open-mouthed, awed and overjoyed as she approached closer to the roof, so close as to block out all above her. She was so close that I wondered if she would scrape shingles off of our roof. I then noticed a peculiar feature, certainly a signature of dreamtime...there were bumper stickers on her lower hull.

We humans remain awed and humbled by the dignity and majesty of our Off-Worlder families. Their direct access to fields and frequencies we are yet incapable of knowing offer direction and hope to a world desperate for kindness. They demonstrate to us that true power comes only from the marriage of heart and mind. All else is simply force. Many folks claim that they themselves are powerful when that “power” is the forcing their own will onto that of another. Forcefulness is a pitiful attempt to lasso the gods, breaking the sanctity of the gift of Free Will to us from the Creator.

But what about that dream? I will slide past a Jungian dream analysis and focus instead upon the possibility that most humans have met Off-Worders through “abductions” or visitations. Why do we not recall these astounding encounters? I theorize that the dignity of our daily life is being protected, that we are here to live our present lives without distracting visitation or even past-life memories.

The Great Truth

Great discoveries are great uncoveries, the de-shrouding of vibrant illuminations available in the now. These revelations always come from the heart because the heart’s thoughts reach far deeper into and through any density. The “cardiac neurons” breathe the fire of truth. This is the message from the Off-Worlders which changes reality, our reality. We are fire, encoded with the brilliant light from the cosmic sun, our galactic sun, our solar sun and the fire of our heart. We are the message itself, and nothing less than embracing love can reveal any more than the most basic of truths...not Truth itself. Their message is clear: we are One.

Epigenetic Alteration: what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, the irritant grain of sand in the oyster shell creates the pearl, years of trauma appears to alter our DNA for good or ill, and so on. Are Off-Worlder populations evolved from positive selective stressors which ameliorated their genetic coding to create super races? An epigenetic alteration of stress genes? This theory may explain the millennia of adaptations They occasionally allude to when comparing our races. What do you think?

These years between 2020 and 2030 will manifest both the prophetic and self-created dreams of humanity. What will we create, what shall we become? The great truth is that we are learning love, how to be better at it and how to allow it into our hearts. That is the message of our Off-Worlder families. Very simply, we evolve now into love. Go in peace!

 Article 8

The dark continually challenges the light. Those with false power seek the adherence to the force of love so unavailable to them through their choice to use forcefulness over love. Misalignment through dogmatic beliefs and fear promulgate the negativity of Imperil, that sticky black goo of despair, hopelessness and all evil emotions forced upon ourselves and others. Imperil can reside in the energy field of people, places or things. That icky feeling we get when hearing gossip, harmful criticisms and behaviors intended to harm rather than heal.

What Is THAT?!

There’s no fixin’ everything. Sometimes you just have to let things happen. Folks want to explain what we experience, ofttimes with faulty memories or just flat-out fibs. But explaining is something we all do.

Why do I have these unusual experiences with Off-Worlders? Am I one of them? Nope, not at all. I have perused the modern past time of having my DNA tested by three sources, partially because I was adopted and mainly because I’m a research nut. Her’s what these three sources claim I “am”...

Scottish, English...

Why do we not have more physical world proof of Off-Worlders and Devas? Our science appears to beat the infancy of blending organic consciousness ( flora, trees, etc...) with technological mediums. The second reason could be that we humans are on the edge of an evolutionary leap in consciousness. When our minds, brains and hearts have leveled up to the fine air of “next”, we may be able to discern Off-Worlders without Them having to drop frequency into 3D for us to see Them.

Avian Off-Worlders

When I perceive a resonance with these “time travelers”, I feel a warmth building from the inside of my physical body. I wondered if I was having hot flash when this first occurred, but the image They fed me was that of a Tibetan monk seated in the snow practicing the art of Tummo, a meditative yoga which generates heat. Tummo is connected to the feminine deities. These monks actually melt the snow around them and feel no chill.

The Avian Off-Worlder was demonstrating to me their ability to generate a source of warmth to open the human heart center. I mean, how do I really know what she was doing? I am nowhere near capable of generating tummo, nor am I as evolved as these kind Avian beings. No, I just work here. So humor me as I share with you all the inner message she plopped into my mind, all within a second of time:

“ You call us time travelers, but a more accurate depiction of our being is that we are energy travelers. Our names press into the moveable fabric of the universal construct, allowing what you call time to meld seamlessly into perceivable space. What you call consciousness requires a spatial receptor, both neurally and actively interactive within the agreed upon boundaries of dimension. As conscious-ness softens magnetically, allowing the fabric to bend and devolve, so does the perception attract the electric components which create said realities.

“ There are countless physical suns supporting countless universes because this fabric melds and molds within and without itself. What is labeled a beginning is often that graceful turn of one fold into another. The perceived ends are the same turn, yet sequentially measured to reveal the memory of what once was dimensional.”

One of my clients compared her “abductions” to terrorist attacks. She felt she was safe nowhere, was continually hyper vigilant and felt her mind never got a chance to feel calm and safe. She thought that “they” could come out of nowhere and find her anywhere. What do you think about that? Do we have a population of individuals living rather regular unspectacular lives who que up near is in grocery lines, silently terrified of being abducted at any moment? Apparently so. Are these dear souls victims of self-imposed fear based lives, or are they aware of events unsuspected and dismissed by majority global populations? The psychological and physical threat of an abduction allows a disturbance upon the concept that safe-feelings-safe-me creates. The mind begins to wander in unhealthy ways, the monster under the bed grows in size. One begins to believe that his perceptions cannot be trusted. I personally think that these folks deserve due consideration that the population of “abductees” have yet to experience. But in order for that consideration to begin, we require more understanding and the yet-accepted belief that these meetings with Off-Worlders and Inter-dimensionals are a fact in our reality.

Boys or Girls?

Why are the majority of Off- Worlders male rather than female? If we do not recognize their specific genetic signatures, are we sure that what appears to be male is not a female of their species? Her’s a huge stretch of theory, but humor me, please. Theosophy teaches that the gods (or Gods) are joined with their female counterpart in the higher planes. But the majority of them (gods or God) in our world present as masculine because, theosophically, the masculine has to be made known in the physical ( sensory) world, while the divine feminine is arcane, occult, hidden, and must be intuited or sought out from within. What do you think? Do we sometimes label Off-Worlders as gods?

Lots to ponder here. What do you think?

Article 9

The Soul and the Desire Body

Hi everyone, this download came through on the full moon of 2-27. Off-Worlders are seen during times when brilliant lunarar reflection blesses the earth with her light. This transmission is from an Off-Worlder whom I love dearly, whose historically-correct manner of writing reminds me of someone from the 1800’s perhaps. Nonetheless, he is a precious being who appears to me etherically. I always feel comforted yet put on alert by his cryptic messages which address humanity’s inability to stay on track with practices that can help us bring more light into our own lives. I for one can learn from that! True dat.

This being is inter-dimensional perhaps. Dunno. I am offering it to you all for your own discernment. z

It is in these dark times, the purpose of the immortal soul presents so fraught with delays of conscience, that future paths appear imbued with determinations from the carnal desires of the lower desire self. What amends such precipitations of the cycle of earthly wants is the pure and simple conflagration of soul’s purpose to incarnate at this time with specifics of Mission to cast aside the dirt and blinding promises of bodily desires. As the siren’s call resembles comfort and refuge from the trials besetting the traveler on the Path, so do the delusions of drugging the body with ingestants and fast-burning glories of false gods promise but a moment’s relief from the hard won truth of the soul’s mission. As the Dweller on the Threshold knows too well the cracks weakening the personality self, so does the person’s lack of will power throw him to the beasts of his lower nature. Such is the times one finds promulgated through the dank and spurious entrapment from visuals and auditory species of mechanically conjoining peoples whose distraction from Mission marinates the mind in societal and gossiping confluence created to distort and harm the innocent.

Guard well the fire tending said soul. Mediate the purposeful trails within with guidance and reticence. All is not well until the silence within abates the cacophonies of these desires. Guard well the processing of thought, meditating and offering that heightened dignity to those who watch and guard the race. Beneath the threshold awaits Divine Presence. The soul breathes there.

Article 10

I met the most magical being, a pet of some sort, dog-like in both appearance and demeanor. I awakened yesterday feeling enlivened and a bit giddy whilst recalling the joy and warmth from this introduction from the fifteen foot praying mantis interdimensionals. It appears that I met one of their furry pets gracing either their home world or perhaps as a companion creature for them. Dunno, but here’s what happened.

I found myself standing ten yards or so from the open entrance to a store not unlike Home Depot. But the doorless opening was at least twenty feet tall and just as wide. Posed in the doorway, pulling at a long leash held by a hunanoid whose full impression was shadowed by the wall of that doorway, stood a fifteen foot creature, grinning and playfully tugging on the taut leash to reach me as would a dog whose owner just showed up after an absence. The creature’s hair was wirey, black but peppered with some grey and auburn. Its paws appeared canine but with six toes finalized by short transparent nails which I heard clicking upon the concrete floor. Its head was more square than oval, sporting perky ears a bit too small for its head yet suited well and proportionate upon a long stout neck. Yes, it displayed an unsurprising set of teeth, again rather doggie-like like and white.

I recall feeling overjoyed to see the beast although a bit concerned with its size and eagerness to reach me as it pulled actively on the long leash. None the less, I approached and began scratching its face now lowered to my level. It calmed a bit and seemed to connect with me, but not as I expected. I felt it was neither very intelligent nor did it feel any familiarity with me other than would a young puppy who runs up to anyone willing to play and give it attention. I then realized that this huge creature was a youngster! How much bigger would it be when fully grown?

I recall being curious about the humanoid holding its leash, but never saw him except for a brief glimpse of a smallish joyful man who was apparently strong enough to control the young exuberant creature. Curious indeed.

The encounter ended as abruptly as it has begun when I found myself standing alone on the cold hard floor. Everyone else had either disappeared or I had shifted frequency. The encounter was such a blessing, a real gift to my creature-obsessed heart, that my interdimensional friends would allow me to meet such a being. I am still unaware of its true origin, but giggle to imagine the humongo puppy could be a pet or creature they guard as a companion. There must be a population of these beings somewhere out there or in here. What do you think? Has anyone else met them? I bet you have.

Article 11

Barbara Lamb Hypnotic Regression

Barbara Lamb is a world class UFO research and crop circle expert, both a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. After watching all of her youtube videos and listening to several radio broadcasts, I felt guided to contact Barbara for a hypnotic regression. Her kind and skilled demeanor coupled with her practiced artfully created space during the three hour session, was unlike anything I have experienced. I received life-altering revelations from my three Sources: my soul self, the Off-Worlder families and those etheric Beings who put up with me 24/7. Barbara has guided over 2000 regressions, tuning her highly developed skills into a methodology in alignment with the highest abilities humans possess to lead one through the gates guarding the rarified air of halcyon dream states.

My focus with this session was to fine tune my comprehension of what I was born to do and methods I might employ to stay on track for global world service. I ceased working with scientists and researchers after moving to Olympia in 1988, working reticently then with the irascible little Zeta Reticuli on frequency mediation and conscious states specific to Terran neural economies. My true love was my small fold of Scottish Highland Cattle and the nature sanctuary I created. Zetas be damned, I finally had enough of their appearing out of the blue,demanding I immediately write everything they dictated. I still have a trunk full of their directives, scribbled on paper napkins, legal pads, candy wrappers, toilet tissue...anything available to me when confronted with their irritating transmissions. These came through while I was driving, repairing fence posts, relaxing in the tub, anywhere and any time, amen. Just had enough. I fired them around 1990 and focussed on creating the portals in vortices on the sacred land as directed from Devic Beings, mainly the dwarfs and gnomes. But I did continue to enjoy visitations from Off-Worlders. True dat.

After moving to Montana in 2013, my research morphed yet again with a directive from guidance to “complete my degrees and create two theosophical doctorates in art and music”. Done. In 2018 I began an ongoing research project with Carol at Dynamic Health Technologies in Helena, Montana focussing on mediating the Nelson Indigo Biofeedback machine with Hemi-Synch technology I employ from The Monroe Institute in Faber Virginia.

On the morning of my work with Barbara Lamb, our home felt like Grand Central Station for etheric Beings. Resting in my chair in the bedroom suite, I glanced outside to observe a peculiar static in the wind-blown movement of the Ponderosa Pines. A wave form pattern seemed to slow down and speed up any normal flowing of pine needles. I blinked my eyes but recognized that a frequency shift was occurring, probably an affect of the dozens, if not hundreds, of Unseen now present. I certainly felt neurally altered, but I am quite familiar with that signature and know how to maneuver around or within whatever is presented. But that particular visual wave form was a new experience.

Earlier that day Thom and I were enjoyed a relaxing morning in the Great Room, drinking coffee and reveling in the shifting of sunlight on furniture and decor. I happened to glance at the fireplace to view this scene below:

A wizened old man with a long beard, full eyelashes and an Afghani style cap appeared with a Raven flying away in the right upper corner. Beautiful beyond words. I am trained to observe such manifestations and to accept them as gifts from Spirit. I recognized the archetypal signature of the wizened man and accompanying Raven as friendly and protective.

Barbara and I began the FaceTime session at 3:00. My bird tribe Off-Worlder friends entered first, coinciding with several of the Saurian species (smaller guys and very tall powerful brainiac guys. Here are the main topics and jewels they gave:

Those of us who are called to many planets for experience and service “leave your footprints in the sands of time. The heavier the burden of service, the deeper and more recognizable the footprints”.

“Earth Beings fascinate us and attract many hundreds of off planet Beings and forms of consciousness to observe and interact with humanity. We are intrigued by the hundreds, yes hundreds of levels of consciousness on one planet, meaning Earth. This exists on no other planet in this particular solar system. Hence, full knowing and participatory similarity in all growing at the same rate is not yet feasible. In perhaps one thousand years will Earth Beings begin to coincide their rates of awareness.”

They then showed me a large flat box of marbles, divided individually into little boxes. Hundreds of them.

I then saw some of them light up, while others glowed indiscriminately with dull to brighter hues. “Each level,of consciousness can be represented as a marble. None are identical yet seek to raise their frequency to the one immediately above it in energy. Observe the few brilliantly lit marbles. These attract scientific and evolutionary signatures from and of those of us seeking to alter humanity and remove blockages to reception.”

The Ba Ka avian Being then reintroduced the knowledge that there is no “everyone will learn this, everyone will have to do x y or z”, that the brilliance or dullness of those marbles will magnetically attract the next step for each human to encode specific knowledge. I found it comical that my interpretation of their download reminded me that all “everyone” does is eat, sleep and poop, lol.

So there you have it. Stay tuned for our next regression with Barbara Lamb on May 18th. I will travel to Helena, Montana to the Dynamic Health Technologies Clinic where Carol will connect me to the Nelson Indigo Biofeedback machine. Barbara will FaceTime us, collaborating with a small group of intuitives and researchers whom will observe this experiment and give input possibly during and après experiment. These experiments are indeed scientific albeit qualitative and subjective rather than quantitative and objective. We shall see, right? We will release any any all findings both freely and available for use by anyone. Blessings!