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Article 9

The Soul and the Desire Body

Hi everyone, this download came through on the full moon of 2-27. Off-Worlders are seen during times when brilliant lunarar reflection blesses the earth with her light. This transmission is from an Off-Worlder whom I love dearly, whose historically-correct manner of writing reminds me of someone from the 1800’s perhaps. Nonetheless, he is a precious being who appears to me etherically. I always feel comforted yet put on alert by his cryptic messages which address humanity’s inability to stay on track with practices that can help us bring more light into our own lives. I for one can learn from that! True dat.

This being is inter-dimensional perhaps. Dunno. I am offering it to you all for your own discernment. z

It is in these dark times, the purpose of the immortal soul presents so fraught with delays of conscience, that future paths appear imbued with determinations from the carnal desires of the lower desire self. What amends such precipitations of the cycle of earthly wants is the pure and simple conflagration of soul’s purpose to incarnate at this time with specifics of Mission to cast aside the dirt and blinding promises of bodily desires. As the siren’s call resembles comfort and refuge from the trials besetting the traveler on the Path, so do the delusions of drugging the body with ingestants and fast-burning glories of false gods promise but a moment’s relief from the hard won truth of the soul’s mission. As the Dweller on the Threshold knows too well the cracks weakening the personality self, so does the person’s lack of will power throw him to the beasts of his lower nature. Such is the times one finds promulgated through the dank and spurious entrapment from visuals and auditory species of mechanically conjoining peoples whose distraction from Mission marinates the mind in societal and gossiping confluence created to distort and harm the innocent.

Guard well the fire tending said soul. Mediate the purposeful trails within with guidance and reticence. All is not well until the silence within abates the cacophonies of these desires. Guard well the processing of thought, meditating and offering that heightened dignity to those who watch and guard the race. Beneath the threshold awaits Divine Presence. The soul breathes there.

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