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Article 8

The dark continually challenges the light. Those with false power seek the adherence to the force of love so unavailable to them through their choice to use forcefulness over love. Misalignment through dogmatic beliefs and fear promulgate the negativity of Imperil, that sticky black goo of despair, hopelessness and all evil emotions forced upon ourselves and others. Imperil can reside in the energy field of people, places or things. That icky feeling we get when hearing gossip, harmful criticisms and behaviors intended to harm rather than heal.

What Is THAT?!

There’s no fixin’ everything. Sometimes you just have to let things happen. Folks want to explain what we experience, ofttimes with faulty memories or just flat-out fibs. But explaining is something we all do.

Why do I have these unusual experiences with Off-Worlders? Am I one of them? Nope, not at all. I have perused the modern past time of having my DNA tested by three sources, partially because I was adopted and mainly because I’m a research nut. Her’s what these three sources claim I “am”... Scottish, English...

Why do we not have more physical world proof of Off-Worlders and Devas? Our science appears to beat the infancy of blending organic consciousness ( flora, trees, etc...) with technological mediums. The second reason could be that we humans are on the edge of an evolutionary leap in consciousness. When our minds, brains and hearts have leveled up to the fine air of “next”, we may be able to discern Off-Worlders without Them having to drop frequency into 3D for us to see Them.

Avian Off-Worlders

When I perceive a resonance with these “time travelers”, I feel a warmth building from the inside of my physical body. I wondered if I was having hot flash when this first occurred, but the image They fed me was that of a Tibetan monk seated in the snow practicing the art of Tummo, a meditative yoga which generates heat. Tummo is connected to the feminine deities. These monks actually melt the snow around them and feel no chill.

The Avian Off-Worlder was demonstrating to me their ability to generate a source of warmth to open the human heart center. I mean, how do I really know what she was doing? I am nowhere near capable of generating tummo, nor am I as evolved as these kind Avian beings. No, I just work here. So humor me as I share with you all the inner message she plopped into my mind, all within a second of time:

“ You call us time travelers, but a more accurate depiction of our being is that we are energy travelers. Our names press into the moveable fabric of the universal construct, allowing what you call time to meld seamlessly into perceivable space. What you call consciousness requires a spatial receptor, both neurally and actively interactive within the agreed upon boundaries of dimension. As conscious-ness softens magnetically, allowing the fabric to bend and devolve, so does the perception attract the electric components which create said realities.

“ There are countless physical suns supporting countless universes because this fabric melds and molds within and without itself. What is labeled a beginning is often that graceful turn of one fold into another. The perceived ends are the same turn, yet sequentially measured to reveal the memory of what once was dimensional.”

One of my clients compared her “abductions” to terrorist attacks. She felt she was safe nowhere, was continually hyper vigilant and felt her mind never got a chance to feel calm and safe. She thought that “they” could come out of nowhere and find her anywhere. What do you think about that? Do we have a population of individuals living rather regular unspectacular lives who que up near is in grocery lines, silently terrified of being abducted at any moment? Apparently so. Are these dear souls victims of self-imposed fear based lives, or are they aware of events unsuspected and dismissed by majority global populations? The psychological and physical threat of an abduction allows a disturbance upon the concept that safe-feelings-safe-me creates. The mind begins to wander in unhealthy ways, the monster under the bed grows in size. One begins to believe that his perceptions cannot be trusted. I personally think that these folks deserve due consideration that the population of “abductees” have yet to experience. But in order for that consideration to begin, we require more understanding and the yet-accepted belief that these meetings with Off-Worlders and Inter-dimensionals are a fact in our reality.

Boys or Girls?

Why are the majority of Off- Worlders male rather than female? If we do not recognize their specific genetic signatures, are we sure that what appears to be male is not a female of their species? Her’s a huge stretch of theory, but humor me, please. Theosophy teaches that the gods (or Gods) are joined with their female counterpart in the higher planes. But the majority of them (gods or God) in our world present as masculine because, theosophically, the masculine has to be made known in the physical ( sensory) world, while the divine feminine is arcane, occult, hidden, and must be intuited or sought out from within. What do you think? Do we sometimes label Off-Worlders as gods?

Lots to ponder here. What do you think?

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