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Article 7

Extreme High Weirdness 

It all began with a dream I recalled from the wee hours of this morning: a star ship was languidly floating above our house. She was bright white and appeared like the bottom of a huge ocean liner. I stood open-mouthed, awed and overjoyed as she approached closer to the roof, so close as to block out all above her. She was so close that I wondered if she would scrape shingles off of our roof. I then noticed a peculiar feature, certainly a signature of dreamtime...there were bumper stickers on her lower hull.

We humans remain awed and humbled by the dignity and majesty of our Off-Worlder families. Their direct access to fields and frequencies we are yet incapable of knowing offer direction and hope to a world desperate for kindness. They demonstrate to us that true power comes only from the marriage of heart and mind. All else is simply force. Many folks claim that they themselves are powerful when that “power” is the forcing their own will onto that of another. Forcefulness is a pitiful attempt to lasso the gods, breaking the sanctity of the gift of Free Will to us from the Creator.

But what about that dream? I will slide past a Jungian dream analysis and focus instead upon the possibility that most humans have met Off-Worders through “abductions” or visitations. Why do we not recall these astounding encounters? I theorize that the dignity of our daily life is being protected, that we are here to live our present lives without distracting visitation or even past-life memories.

The Great Truth

Great discoveries are great uncoveries, the de-shrouding of vibrant illuminations available in the now. These revelations always come from the heart because the heart’s thoughts reach far deeper into and through any density. The “cardiac neurons” breathe the fire of truth. This is the message from the Off-Worlders which changes reality, our reality. We are fire, encoded with the brilliant light from the cosmic sun, our galactic sun, our solar sun and the fire of our heart. We are the message itself, and nothing less than embracing love can reveal any more than the most basic of truths...not Truth itself. Their message is clear: we are One.

Epigenetic Alteration: what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, the irritant grain of sand in the oyster shell creates the pearl, years of trauma appears to alter our DNA for good or ill, and so on. Are Off-Worlder populations evolved from positive selective stressors which ameliorated their genetic coding to create super races? An epigenetic alteration of stress genes? This theory may explain the millennia of adaptations They occasionally allude to when comparing our races. What do you think?

These years between 2020 and 2030 will manifest both the prophetic and self-created dreams of humanity. What will we create, what shall we become? The great truth is that we are learning love, how to be better at it and how to allow it into our hearts. That is the message of our Off-Worlder families. Very simply, we evolve now into love. Go in peace!

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