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Article 6

Let’s take a look at what I have defined as TRIMORBIDITY:

I have noticed that with many folks experiencing voices, they tend to report that they “hear” voices when actually that voice is internally generated as thoughts. I myself often define my experiences in those terms, forgetting to explain that the messages I receive are from the Inner Sense of Hearing, rather than a voice similar to what I would hear from a person. In the case of demonic or discarnate spirit infestation, external voices are rather rare. It appears that pressing vocal phenomena through the veil of the Astral levels is far more challenging than moving a physical object. Dunno yet, but just sayin’...

Our five physical senses offer ingress and egress into physical world experience. We also possess four inner senses of hearing, vision, smelling and taste. This similarity in experiencing inner and outer senses can be confusing when we desire to communicate the internal identification of a reception, often labeling that more-unfamiliar experience with more familiar terminology.

I have had two cases of late in which each individual repeatedly said they “hear voices”. Since I am not trained in the assessment or diagnosis of mental disorders, I could only prod them for more information to hopefully get them to those capable of,and trained in,the fields of psychology or psychiatry.

That said, I have yet to have a case in which the affects and effects of “ abductions” do not present as psychological trauma, oft-times lasting a lifetime. We are not yet compassionate enough to follow through with these cases without labeling these folks as cray-cray. The term I chose to employ is Trimobidity, defined as the co-occurring experience of the original trauma (abductions), presented psychological issue and some sort of inner-or inter-dimensional ability or experience of a psychic nature. In our rush to intellectually define experience, we too often overlook the tenderness of feelings. Our feeling/emotional nature is the sweetness attracting Off-Worlders to us.

Part of our attraction to Off-Worlders is their very off-worlder-ness. They seem to possess control over emotion which we humans are yet to grok. They can see, hear, do and be things we only dream of. Are They attempting to gradually teach us Their skills? Maybe. But here’s the thing: Every single case I work with ends up with the affectee having to gain personal control over the situation by using his free will. No outside force can effect that result except for Divine intervention. But Divine intervention can occur only after one has done 50% of the effort oneself. A disproportionately large percentage of my cases begin with the dear soul saying to me “ I think I’m possessed. I need an exorcism.” Think of how much distress those folks are in to believe such a radical path is necessary to return them to the precious peace of mind they/ we all seek!

Trimorbidity is my word for the co-occurring presentations of mental distress, Off-Worlder involvement and paranormal activity interacting at differing levels to create the perfect storm of crisis and confusion. These folks seek help from energy healers, clergy, allopaths, homeopaths, counselors, psychiatrists...anyone who can offer help in any way. But the results are distressing because those trying to help are skilled in one or two of the Trimorbid conditions, rarely skilled in all three. These skilled clinicians and healers desire to help but, like me, are usually trained in only one area, see?

A new paradigm presents itself. This population of Trimorbidly affected folks seems to be increasing. At this point I need to differentiate this population from the those affected by organic brain disease and psychiatric issues that could mirror the above-mentioned presentations of disordered thought. Yours truly cannot work there, whereas I always ask up front about psychological/ psychiatric history, at least enough to reveal whether or not I need to refer them to a psychiatric or counseling colleague. My desire to assist them does not translate in the ability to do so.

We must follow the learning curve and learn to manage the new energies. We are more powerful together than separate. The ability to maintain individual awareness of self while joining with like-minded others presents the signature of the new energies.

The Chemical Fix

Doing drugs and alcohol is an attempt to lift oneself out of the drudgery and commonplace of daily life. One is seeking communion with the Divine. Drug and alcohol methods CAN accomplish communion with various exciting frequencies, but these methods are temporary. The burn fast and hot and leave the user empty and unsatisfied. Why is that? Because they are chemical implants into the body and mind which control the person’s power of free will. We therefore hear the phrases “ Oh, that was the alcohol talking.”or “I was messed up, that wasn’t me.” 

The very freedom sought to escape reality forces the user to become stuck in it. Seeking the Divine is a priority for humans. If one uses drugs and alcohol to access that rarified air, one accrues the debt of having to repay the loan from the substance. Free will is sacrosanct and is never abused by Off-Worlders. When humans abuse themselves by breaking that law, grief and failure soon follow. Even if humans believe they hear God, they cannot play God.

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