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Article 5

I am not a fan of insects. I will cary them outside, offer respite to bugs and spiders, grind out compassion for other creepy crawlies but no, my heart does not leap with joy to see a bug. This past summer offered a plethora of grasshoppers who for some irrational reason,I like. In my humble book, The Reality Pirate’s Journal, I told you about the humongo praying mantis people visiting me. I thought they were Devic but was flat out wrong. A year after writing about Their gentle yet disconcerting visit, I happened across an article, no, two actually, on “ Alien Time Traveller Praying Mantises”.

The time traveller bugs showed me some colors which emitted sound, and some gelatinous like substance which gave off musical notes I could internally smell. What was this? I think it is all jumbled up when the five earthly senses are impacted by frequencies emitted by these gentle giants. Dunno. Any ideas? They mentally transmitted to me that this phenomena is a crossing over between temporal edges, and that love rules it. The etheric heart to the right side of our physical one generates the type of love which involutes and evolutes simultaneously. It’s felt as consciousness on steroids, kinda. What do ya’ll think about this: do feelings possess a certain and differentiating flavor or signature? If we are attuned to those feelings, can they identify the source of said feelings? We come within inches of our true self then run away in fear of the light it offers. Hate it when I do that....

I love talking with these guys even though I have absolutely no idea what Their words mean. Way over my head. They offer that I mistakenly intellectualize what should be felt. My aspiration with 100% of my reception work is that others would be able to incorporate what I can only try to understand into their own un-coveries.

Sometimes we become our best self by acting out our worst self, right? Hindsight offers visibility into the deep chasm of the shadow side. Humanity’s reactivity towards Off-Worlders saddens me, as our worst case glamorized scenarios present as truth. Nothing could be further from it.

We are guided to not resist the future while avoiding the prolongation of a dead and outdated past. They show us what we have yet to imagine and remind us that miracles are every day realities when fear is replaced with love.

If we rush headlong into judgement of others for lack of their perfection, for faults unlimited and opinions different from ours, we miss the reasons why our brothers, the Off-Worlders are here. It is our imperfect humanity that draws them to us, that deepens the bonds among worlds and creates safe passage to join in the holy matrimony of other to Other, the alchemical bonding through the love between opposites.

We hoard love in fear of its loss. We project our own failings onto a mythical Higher Power whose discontent with our behavior pretends to give us permission to be nasty to one another. Off-Worlders harbor no illusion of a punishing demoniacal god who throws us into a hell or purgatory because we are faulted. Off-Worlders habituate themselves into the ever presence of Divine Love.

Love like a dog, eat like a bird, sleep like a baby.

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