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Article 4

I received this magnificent transmission and chose to share it with you. My prayer is that you perhaps feel the same love and excitement that I felt as I transcribed Their words:

“There are cultures who have never had a thought or performed an action that was not in full alignment with those who created them. Many levels of understanding and behaviors express through our cultures.

“ This solar system presents beings who are humanoid in form, although varying in appearance. The Heavenly Man is the pattern expressed.“ Inter-dimensional and inner- dimensional conscious beings appear shockingly diverse to the perception of human beings. We mean no harm and intend no diversion from the prime source of expression, which is love. The reptilians, insectoids, undefined forms and animal-like beings are examples of those communities. “There is ongoing interaction with and for thousands of specific types, both planetary and inner/inter frequencied. Know that we approach more closely now, watch for our thought-created, bio-living “ships” as we drop frequency to allow your populations to see and hear us. We mean you no harm. Allow us into your heart. We are One.”

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