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Article 3

How do God and the Holy Spirit weave into the Off-Worlder narrative? Do “aliens” believe in God? In any higher power? Yes, they do. Acutely so, but not in a devotional sense. They see themselves as one with Divinity. It appears that it is not something They have to aspire to. They do not appear to pray to, request forgiveness from, nor negotiate behavior from a spiritual power. Nor do they seem to have a devotional practice as we would recognize it. Off-Worlders seem to exist within the folds of the garment of Their Creator, at one with it in all ways.

Perhaps the most accurate description of Their communion with the Divine is theosophy, “ theo” can mean “ divine, or divinity”, and “sophia” translates to mean “wisdom”. Theosophical beliefs and theories are the occult “hidden” basis for religions of our earth. Why? Divine wisdom is the fuel which feeds the soul’s ability to express as mind, body and spirit on the earth plane. Was this gifted to us by Them? Are They watching us evolve into the kindness of that of treating each other? You decide.

Devotion, the praise and worship aspect of connecting with higher power is only one way to access connection to divinity. In Theosophy, devotion is a primary attribute of the 6th Ray. Behavior and intent respect one another, following that Golden Rule inherent in all religions.

Every planet in the universe belongs to a hierarchical system of silent and expressed codes of belief and conduct. What those rules are is far beyond my pitiful ability to understand, yet the consideration for the purpose and continuation of Their existence connects through some sort of Code. Feel free to enlighten me if any of y’all intuit factoids on this subject.

But I digress. It appears that we Humans kill each other when our name for the name Higher Power varies. True dat. And we wonder why They tread lightly around our warring nature? They say that this particular 2,500 period ( not exact) is Aquarian. This “new age” began coming in about 1675 AD, whilst the ”old age” began losing power here around 1625. They say also that after the potential planetary destruction passed in 1999, the Age of Aquarius set down firmer roots in 2017. Who knows if that is all true, or true at all. The grain of salt I take with each ingress of new intel is dehydrating me.

If we assume that Their dates and factoids are true, then why are Off-Worlders recently choosing to drop frequency in astounding numbers so that our eyes may see Their light ships and even their bodies? Where does our connection with the potent Divine Feminine and Their easy expression of that energy merge? It does, you know. Do you feel it? That interconnection not for one religion only. That Presence surpasses dogma and intellect. Something is happening and it is all One.

“ What if you saw and heard everyone as your self?” They said this to me years ago and I have pondered its power since.

“ Self love is not self adoration. You can only love one another after learning to love your self.”

What a rich challenge for my ego personality. This expresses the God/ Holy Spirit feeling tone and nudges me toward conjoining with that which I have yet to understand or be able to act upon 24/7.

The Off-Worlders are beholden to recognize and interact with us within the boundaries of certain laws. Our free-will is the foundation for that. The God piece in that reflects Their recognition of our spiritual energy.

One fine day when I was engaging my very human ability to argue with and intellectually doubt absolutely any help They offered, I was stopped in my tracks when They said

“ Any and every crisis is a spiritual one. All challenges are spiritual, clothed in the illusion of materiality and released by the solution of love.”

At age 66, I am barely getting that, wishing I had begun learning it sooner.

Every interaction I have with an Off-Worlder is a lesson. As we evolve spiritually, so do Their words come home to us with more feeling and less fear. What They are is our future. What we are to them is love.

Article 11

Barbara Lamb Hypnotic Regression

Barbara Lamb is a world class UFO research and crop circle expert, both a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. After watching all of her youtube videos and listening to several radio broadcasts, I felt guided to contact Barbara for a hypnotic regression. Her kind and skilled demeanor coupled with her practiced artfully created space during the three hour session, was unlike anything I have experienced. I received life-altering revelations from my three Sources: my soul self, the Off-Worlder families and those etheric Beings who put up with me 24/7. Barbara has guided over 2000 regressions, tuning her highly developed skills into a methodology in alignment with the highest abilities humans possess to lead one through the gates guarding the rarified air of halcyon dream states.

My focus with this session was to fine tune my comprehension of what I was born to do and methods I might employ to stay on track for global world service. I ceased working with scientists and researchers after moving to Olympia in 1988, working reticently then with the irascible little Zeta Reticuli on frequency mediation and conscious states specific to Terran neural economies. My true love was my small fold of Scottish Highland Cattle and the nature sanctuary I created. Zetas be damned, I finally had enough of their appearing out of the blue,demanding I immediately write everything they dictated. I still have a trunk full of their directives, scribbled on paper napkins, legal pads, candy wrappers, toilet tissue...anything available to me when confronted with their irritating transmissions. These came through while I was driving, repairing fence posts, relaxing in the tub, anywhere and any time, amen. Just had enough. I fired them around 1990 and focussed on creating the portals in vortices on the sacred land as directed from Devic Beings, mainly the dwarfs and gnomes. But I did continue to enjoy visitations from Off-Worlders. True dat.

After moving to Montana in 2013, my research morphed yet again with a directive from guidance to “complete my degrees and create two theosophical doctorates in art and music”. Done. In 2018 I began an ongoing research project with Carol at Dynamic Health Technologies in Helena, Montana focussing on mediating the Nelson Indigo Biofeedback machine with Hemi-Synch technology I employ from The Monroe Institute in Faber Virginia.

On the morning of my work with Barbara Lamb, our home felt like Grand Central Station for etheric Beings. Resting in my chair in the bedroom suite, I glanced outside to observe a peculiar static in the wind-blown movement of the Ponderosa Pines. A wave form pattern seemed to slow down and speed up any normal flowing of pine needles. I blinked my eyes but recognized that a frequency shift was occurring, probably an affect of the dozens, if not hundreds, of Unseen now present. I certainly felt neurally altered, but I am quite familiar with that signature and know how to maneuver around or within whatever is presented. But that particular visual wave form was a new experience.

Earlier that day Thom and I were enjoyed a relaxing morning in the Great Room, drinking coffee and reveling in the shifting of sunlight on furniture and decor. I happened to glance at the fireplace to view this scene below:

A wizened old man with a long beard, full eyelashes and an Afghani style cap appeared with a Raven flying away in the right upper corner. Beautiful beyond words. I am trained to observe such manifestations and to accept them as gifts from Spirit. I recognized the archetypal signature of the wizened man and accompanying Raven as friendly and protective.

Barbara and I began the FaceTime session at 3:00. My bird tribe Off-Worlder friends entered first, coinciding with several of the Saurian species (smaller guys and very tall powerful brainiac guys. Here are the main topics and jewels they gave:

Those of us who are called to many planets for experience and service “leave your footprints in the sands of time. The heavier the burden of service, the deeper and more recognizable the footprints”.

“Earth Beings fascinate us and attract many hundreds of off planet Beings and forms of consciousness to observe and interact with humanity. We are intrigued by the hundreds, yes hundreds of levels of consciousness on one planet, meaning Earth. This exists on no other planet in this particular solar system. Hence, full knowing and participatory similarity in all growing at the same rate is not yet feasible. In perhaps one thousand years will Earth Beings begin to coincide their rates of awareness.”

They then showed me a large flat box of marbles, divided individually into little boxes. Hundreds of them.

I then saw some of them light up, while others glowed indiscriminately with dull to brighter hues. “Each level,of consciousness can be represented as a marble. None are identical yet seek to raise their frequency to the one immediately above it in energy. Observe the few brilliantly lit marbles. These attract scientific and evolutionary signatures from and of those of us seeking to alter humanity and remove blockages to reception.”

The Ba Ka avian Being then reintroduced the knowledge that there is no “everyone will learn this, everyone will have to do x y or z”, that the brilliance or dullness of those marbles will magnetically attract the next step for each human to encode specific knowledge. I found it comical that my interpretation of their download reminded me that all “everyone” does is eat, sleep and poop, lol.

So there you have it. Stay tuned for our next regression with Barbara Lamb on May 18th. I will travel to Helena, Montana to the Dynamic Health Technologies Clinic where Carol will connect me to the Nelson Indigo Biofeedback machine. Barbara will FaceTime us, collaborating with a small group of intuitives and researchers whom will observe this experiment and give input possibly during and après experiment. These experiments are indeed scientific albeit qualitative and subjective rather than quantitative and objective. We shall see, right? We will release any any all findings both freely and available for use by anyone. Blessings!

Article 12

My friends, do not worry or mind what nay sayers may doubt about your extra terrestrial. experiences. Fear not, for no one can take from you what you know to be true. Your love ,your memory, your personal values will pass within the seed of your heart when you breathe your last breath. Believe in yourself and in the Creator Who birthed all that is. Be at peace.

Are we a tribe of scientists and experiencers bound by thought and feeling? Outer manifestations of friendships follow the requisite of cameraderie deeply connected with like-minded others? I should add like-hearted to that. The archetypes could include the Adventurer, the Seeker, the Hero and what about the Writer? Most of us in this Star Tribe have been wandering alone in the wilderness, solitary travelers bereft of succor, full of questioning and hope about our theories and experiences.

Let me perhaps share with you my beliefs and theories on this subject. It refers to the boundaries set by physical life and the otherworldly miracles imprinted upon that fabric. My specific gifts may mirror yours but your divine ones may present fully on a spectrum I can barely understand. This Tribe is called to a deepening intrigue with these gifts and how they puzzle-piece into a revelatory whole. I call upon our Tribe to identify the correlating signatures of dreams, oobes, ndes and density shifts. What is the comorbidity here? My experiences suggest that feelings both connect and differentiate these non-3D frequencies. I may not be very good at discerning the veracity of an experience when pinned down by my psychiatrist or scientific friends. I feel like a bug in a jar. Their frustration with me inevitably focuses upon my abject inability to define whassup in 3D. I am able speak volumes about what happened, how it felt, when and where I was when IT occurred, but can rarely give them an exactitude of how it fits into our shared reality. Was it a dream or an astral projection? A Hemisync visit to one of our centers on another side? Was it an actual ship on the lawn or was it a reflection, an image-in-action or a neurologically created projection? Dunno, at least not consistently. My inability to recognize the signature of manifestation does not interfere with the experience, only with the verification of what it was. This is frustrating for the scientists desiring to define and design base line paradigms for our work.

Everything is communicating all of the time. Not in actual language but in feeling and intensity, electromagnetically charging the (humor me here) mind belt with electrical projections and magnetic receptions. It is said that consciousness creates reality, but I believe that consciousness IS reality.

Our Off-Worlder friends are here for the long haul. We are the cargo but also the engine. They feed and love and fuel our soul aspiration to rejoin the Star Tribe, to return home and live within the boundless love of the cosmic mysteries. Fear not! We are one tribe, one creation, and share the values of love, light and power. 

Be at peace!

Article 13

It has come to my attention that a specific group of both scientists and experiencers have received the same message. That message is that “It is all one.” The psychic phenomena, OOBE’s, NDE’s, Off-Worlder communications and experiences, Intuition,Terran Devic, Ghosties, and all that is not specific to 3D physical senses, is all one energy. How can that be? This expanding population of folks receiving this download cannot explain the specifics, that is, the mechanics of how or why all is one, yet we feel it in our bones.

Today I requested clarification from my Ba Ka buddies (the Avians), and was thrilled to receive this message: It is “all one” due to the ability to perceive it as such, not because all extra-experiential situations replicate in frequency, but because you access them FROM a specific frequency.”

I understand intellectually but lack the science to define those terms. When I pressed the Ba Ka for help to understand their offering they said “ You are attenuated to neural access points looping back into the limbic system. The reptilian brain cortex stimulates not only survival but presses the synapses to externally magnetize extrasensory experience. As humanity leaps foreword so does it fold in on itself in a humoculus fetal bend, replicating a possibility of springing fully formed into a density specific to the required information.

Consider your infinity symbol and see the two circles connected by a filament is indicative of “time” connecting these varied extrasensory experiences.”

I hope that one of you has the knowledge to understand this download because I do not. Gotta go, need to can some salsa and clean the garage( yawn).

Article 14

There is a mother ship here. As I close my eyes in hope of a full night’s sleep, I see the etheric physical moving like wind over a dark landscape above the Karman line, yet closer to earth than our moon. I have often found myself, for a decade or so, suspended near this space with a view of the moon below.

When I began experiencing the mother ship, I wrongly labeled it a space station due to the myriad docking ports snugly set along its outer side. The ship appears oval or circular. I have yet to discern it in its entirely due to both its size and my limited viewpoint. I have also visited one of the huge interior malls peopled with humanoid, avian and insectoid Beings. But don’t track that because I may have created a melding of images based on science fiction, true dat.

I often visit the docking port of the avian species called the BaKa. You are familiar with them by now as Barbara Lamb and I had a long commo with them last spring. They absolutely adore Barbara and appear to put up with me. Last week I heard in my inner hearing a shrill screeching unlike any terran bird species. When I tuned in I saw a young avian just going at it, trying to either gain my attention or express extreme displeasure at some dumb thing I’d done. This went on for a couple hours until I called in one of its elders to shut it the hell up. It appears that other species share our child rearing challenges. A screeching teenager is distracting when I’m driving a half ton pick up down our one lane logging road. I still have no idea what it wanted.

The docking stations fascinate me. Each is specifically designed to support the life system and environmental necessities of the Beings docking there. I am unsure whether these ports are permanently set for specific crews or if the transform as the ships dock. Has anyone seen these? My inner sense of smell also activated when I visited one of the saurian docks. There was a sensual musky smell mixed with a floral scent. I am curious if those beautiful females exude that scent. Rather enchanting.

Now, this next message feels important but confusing. I often get these Zen koan thingies teasing me to try harder. This message was directed at what we are labeling The Gathering, the contacting of experiencers and scientists who agreed pre-birth to work for the dissemination of Off-Worlder realities. “ We are and It is all one”, you recall that download, right? The new message is “ Listen attentively and respectfully to all but believe no one.” My personal interpretation of that is to be respectful and non-judgmental when others reveal their research or experiences. We all matter. We are receiving different downloads tailored to our point of evolution and assigned tasks. They all matter. Everything puzzles together to birthe the New World. And believe no one reminds me to stay in my own lane, to avoid dreaming the dreams of others in glamour or belief. 

What do you think?