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Article 3

How do God and the Holy Spirit weave into the Off-Worlder narrative? Do “aliens” believe in God? In any higher power? Yes, they do. Acutely so, but not in a devotional sense. They see themselves as one with Divinity. It appears that it is not something They have to aspire to. They do not appear to pray to, request forgiveness from, nor negotiate behavior from a spiritual power. Nor do they seem to have a devotional practice as we would recognize it. Off-Worlders seem to exist within the folds of the garment of Their Creator, at one with it in all ways.

Perhaps the most accurate description of Their communion with the Divine is theosophy, “ theo” can mean “ divine, or divinity”, and “sophia” translates to mean “wisdom”. Theosophical beliefs and theories are the occult “hidden” basis for religions of our earth. Why? Divine wisdom is the fuel which feeds the soul’s ability to express as mind, body and spirit on the earth plane. Was this gifted to us by Them? Are They watching us evolve into the kindness of that of treating each other? You decide.

Devotion, the praise and worship aspect of connecting with higher power is only one way to access connection to divinity. In Theosophy, devotion is a primary attribute of the 6th Ray. Behavior and intent respect one another, following that Golden Rule inherent in all religions.

Every planet in the universe belongs to a hierarchical system of silent and expressed codes of belief and conduct. What those rules are is far beyond my pitiful ability to understand, yet the consideration for the purpose and continuation of Their existence connects through some sort of Code. Feel free to enlighten me if any of y’all intuit factoids on this subject.

But I digress. It appears that we Humans kill each other when our name for the name Higher Power varies. True dat. And we wonder why They tread lightly around our warring nature? They say that this particular 2,500 period ( not exact) is Aquarian. This “new age” began coming in about 1675 AD, whilst the ”old age” began losing power here around 1625. They say also that after the potential planetary destruction passed in 1999, the Age of Aquarius set down firmer roots in 2017. Who knows if that is all true, or true at all. The grain of salt I take with each ingress of new intel is dehydrating me.

If we assume that Their dates and factoids are true, then why are Off-Worlders recently choosing to drop frequency in astounding numbers so that our eyes may see Their light ships and even their bodies? Where does our connection with the potent Divine Feminine and Their easy expression of that energy merge? It does, you know. Do you feel it? That interconnection not for one religion only. That Presence surpasses dogma and intellect. Something is happening and it is all One.

“ What if you saw and heard everyone as your self?” They said this to me years ago and I have pondered its power since.

“ Self love is not self adoration. You can only love one another after learning to love your self.”

What a rich challenge for my ego personality. This expresses the God/ Holy Spirit feeling tone and nudges me toward conjoining with that which I have yet to understand or be able to act upon 24/7.

The Off-Worlders are beholden to recognize and interact with us within the boundaries of certain laws. Our free-will is the foundation for that. The God piece in that reflects Their recognition of our spiritual energy.

One fine day when I was engaging my very human ability to argue with and intellectually doubt absolutely any help They offered, I was stopped in my tracks when They said “Any and every crisis is a spiritual one. All challenges are spiritual, clothed in the illusion of materiality and released by the solution of love.”

At age 66, I am barely getting that, wishing I had begun learning it sooner.

Every interaction I have with an Off-Worlder is a lesson. As we evolve spiritually, so do Their words come home to us with more feeling and less fear. What They are is our future. What we are to them is love.

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