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Article 2

If you are reading this perhaps you are a bit like me, seeking confirmation of our unusual experiences and trying to connect them to something familiar. Are you intrigued by architecture? I am rather obsessed with it. Buckminster Fuller is one of my heroes, as his geodesic domes peppered the landscape of my mind in the 1980’s. Have you ever played on a “ jungle gym”, that geodesic structure on playgrounds? It is constructed of a series of interconnected triangles who support each other by what Bucky termed “ tensile integrity”. Unlike a square, if you were to remove one side of the triangle it would not collapse. Bucky inferred that communication among peoples of the earth could be improved using this technique: one person connects with a second, and the second person connects with a third. A fourth person then creates one arm of the next triangle. A geodesic communication web can connect all of us. Buckminster Fuller predated the internet, right?

We are indeed One. The Off-Worlders stress our diverse interconnectedness through the heart. When we recognize the signature of others as ourselves, we will be closer to living as They do. They want community with us and do everything possible, within the laws of our free-will, to open and maintain our recognition of their signature.

So what happens when we receive messages outside of our five physical senses? The Beings I communicate with label this “subspace frequency”. The term may not be scientifically correct, but that is their label for extrasensory communication. How do we discern if the message is valid, meaning not from our own imagination? Am I getting a download from Spirit or maybe a Devic being? What if it is from an Off-Worlder or a discarnate? How the heck do we discern who or what it is? Much of my own work bleeds this energy. I mistake Nature Spirits for Off-Worlders usually because I am more attuned to their signature. That’s really it, isn’t it? The energetic signatures of these various Beings FEEL different from one another. But my problem stems from not paying attention to my intuition and rushing headlong into the intellectual reason for Their visiting me. Or what if it is really me visiting them?! Do you wonder about these things? I think you do, or perhaps you will now that we are talking about it.

What could ever prepare us for an encounter with an Off-Worlder? We will either keep the experience to ourselves or seek some sort of community of like-minded others.

You are not alone. Even if you simply suspect you have had some sort of contact, be assured that other folks share your feelings. I know you understand. We are quite similar in that humans are at their best with some sort of healthy connection to group or tribe, right?

There has never been a time like this on our earth, and many Beings want in on the experience of watching earth transform lower energies into the brilliant light of unity. What connects us to others? A sharing of values, of virtues and vices and all things in between. In other words, we connect because of shared interests. Off-Worlders share interests with humanity, connecting curiosity and desire to integrate values. Are we Their past or future, or are They ours? Maybe both, eh? How can we tell...we cannot. We ain’t there yet.

These humble writings invoke the passion of understanding how we all interconnect. Species survival depends upon resilience and reliance upon something higher and lower than where we find ourselves in the moment. Said moment is shifting all of the time, morphing and twisting reality into something we do not yet recognize. This hurts. Why? We loooove comfort. Stasis is the martini of reality shifting, one olive at a time. We don’ wanna change. Off-Worlders can be terrifying because we cannot realize them sans changing our perspective. All the olives in our world cannot drown the pain of that truth. We gotta change and the time is now.

Why is the heart so important with Off-Worlder commo? They are better at it than we are, at least until our race devolves from separating the heart and the head. The HeartMath Institute has dedicated its work to recovering the tender morcel of substance from the blubber of our materialistic obsession with the intellect. We like facts. Facts reassure our five physical senses that they matter, and ego feeds on that. But don’t those brilliantly technocratic Off-Worlders think more than feel? If they were so darn touchy-feely would they not treat “abductees” with more tenderness? Humans hear love songs, pat furry quadrupeds, reel in the scent of lavender and sigh when watching a sunset. That’s love, right? Well, that is the integration of the five physical senses with the energies of love, enormously valuable in sensory terms. But the kind if love LIVED by Off-Worlders is a 24/7 sunset while intimately connected to everything and everyone else. Furry pet included.

Good will is the bottom rung of the love ladder, and we see it connect humanity especially during times of crises. Compassionate interaction, non-violent connection and the ability to hold space for another are higher on the love ladder. Why do we humans keep slipping? Off-Worlders are here to create a firmer foothold for us. They struggled to climb that ladder millennia ago. Will we ever get it? Yes, I believe so. The subject of thinking from the heart is far beyond my teensy ability to correctly explain to anyone, as all I can do is just attempt to fulfill that challenge daily. Take a look at if you like. Live what you love and love what you live. Namaste!

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