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Article 17

How can one discern whether these Beings are Inter-dimensional, from our solar system or Astral Beings presenting as Off-Worlders? Good luck with that. We humans are so emotionally driven that we easily access Beings from the emotional Astral plane, believing their projections because they themselves believe them. Many books claiming communication with Off-Worlders are actually channellings from the Astral realms. I suggest you perhaps address this topic on your own, as it is so believable as to fool the most honest and astute of researchers.

Jupiter is elegantly evolved in that it is home to exquisite Beings of great wisdom and love. Our scientists search for life on its surface while unaware that Jupiterians live on three of Jupiter’s man-made moons. We also search for water on planets, using its presence as an indicator of life. Yet many Beings do not require water to exist.

Grant Cameron’s paradigm changing book CONTACT MODIALITIES reveals the download all of us researchers, scientists and experiencers have receive separately: It is all one. The psychic world, UFO’s, commo with discarnate entities, all of it lives within the same energy field. And that my friends changes everything. Indeed , if ghosts, OOBE’s, NDE’s, Psychism, channelling, mediations and literally everything unperceived by the five physical senses exist simultaneously, how can we truthfully say what is what and whom is whom? This is where we are now. As I have stated previously, those who guard and guide me advise to listen to everyone but believe nothing.Run everything through the filter of your heart-felt love. Find out who you are and remain in your lane. Think openly yet act with a conservative reticence. What do you think?

There is only one thing we can truly become and that is more like ourselves. We will take on the personalities of many others on that journey, trying on ways of being unlike our true selves, but such is this journey of uncoveries. What has been your journey? Has COVID shifted your perspective? What a curious time this is! I bless your journey and offer you peace through your Divine connection.

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