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Article 16

This bothers me. I am an ethics freak and aspire to always tell the truth. I fail at that sometimes. This transmission came through in the receivership signature of multi-dimensional frequencies participating in active transmission. I cannot tell if it is from Devic, Off-Worlders, Inter-Dimensional entities or my own soul. It is clearly not from my personality self. I decided to include it in the Off-Worlder section with the understanding that I do not understand. I am not a channel ( Astral frequencies received and sent from the third chakra), but a simple mediator of neural patterns connected to the Ajna center or sixth chakra. I lack the skill to tell you exactly who sends this intel, but possess the skill of discerning that it is not generated from my personality. Does that make sense? Please say it does.

I am not alone in this conundrum. I theorize that much of what we define as emanating from a defined source is actually from a different one. We are not yet able to define the signatures, but are working towards more veracity in the fields of Psi-Onics, Inter-Dimensionality, Devic and Ghosties’ messaging. We are realizing that ALL of these frequencies and forces are ONE in the feeling nature. They live in the same space while we choose to separate ourselves from that space, pointing at them as though we are disconnected from them. We are them and they are us.

But I digress. What follows is a transmission, a download if you will, that has been rattling my cage for a while, collecting tidbits of intell and emotion until I chose to open them like an email.

We birthe into form to experience form, not to escape from it. The ideation of addiction addresses avoidance and its cousin denial. Is there a drug to keep us conscious in lieu of escaping from it? That “drug” is detachment.


“Addiction is the process you endure to rinse off the debris from your soul. The Seven Deadly Sins are the toolbox you are handed at birth to experience the life in form. The soul dust accumulates as lessons are avoided. Self judgement is the human ego’s method of adding water( emotion) to the dust. Increasingly addictive behavior creates the illusion that the mud is your skin.

“Love is the only emotion which builds upon itself to expand consciousness. Love never ends. Fear and hate have terminal blindness. The love we speak of is unemotional and non- binding from constraints of behavioral debts. It connects all to all, the other to the other, extending boundaries inclusive of futuristic possibilities and probable futures. Hate soaks into the personality while love soaks into the soul.

“ What currently identifies as Disclosure is the appetizer presented prior to humanity’s consciousness upgrade. Some choose to define the upgrade as the 5th Dimension. We choose to identify it as frequency embodied by love. Point of evolution and choice define the potential to become aware of it while planetary emergence co-creates synergistically with that potential.

“Reticence, patience and seeking balance from extremes is a hint when desiring growth. What many label as spiritual is the truth that simplicity follows this growth. Seamless change is rare due to the astral- emotional personality manifested by the masses. But they too are perfect in growth. All matter. All contribute. Judgement is not discernment, for compassion negates blame. Seamless transition is currently unavailable except within personal densities. But those also deceive. Glamour and illusion feed desire and emotion. This is the nature of life on earth. The reticence accompanying kindness, that patient waiting, subtle balance…one can choose wisely and choose love.”


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