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Article 15

“This download came through rather suddenly on Sunday morning after a fitful night of monkey-mind-badgering preventing my restful sleep. I asked Billy ( the Martian pilot friend) to give me his ideas on why there is rampant inequity among availability of resources for people.”

In response to your query on the delicate controversy of misunderstanding concerning world governing bodies and basic needs, I will say this to you: The misalignment is not the practice in theory or exactitude, but in the greed of the governing individuals themselves. There is not a government without intent from its members, nor is there action in the name of a government which was not instigated from the mind or heart of its leading bodies. So said, the basic human rights for clean available water, healthful available foods, appropriate multi-disciplinary health services, dignified housing and education, are far from being met. The problems are not with the needs stated but with the gaining access to those needs prevented by selfish individuals joining as a group called government. These individuals are sour and unaware of their separatist behaviors involved in creating and exacerbating the problems.

You ask what can be done? Planetary energetic shifts are multi-leveled. The hearts of humans necessitate brave action and sincerity of spirit. The shattering of much-loved forms and practices ushers in opportunity, none of which may be in valid alignment with requisite requirements for creating the afore mentioned basic needs of human beings on the planet. Yet within the chaos presents seeds of hopeful light proportionate to the actions proceeding towards a viable life style for all. Your current governments allow fear from loss and lack individually to control decisions and outcome. The answers are simple while the changes are highly complex, requiring a softening of greed and a hardening of persevering intent from those more aligned with the unfolding Plan for this planet. Advice is this: live fully within the silence and enact the wisdom from the heart. Does this answer your query?

“A lot to consider but I am tangled sometimes between my chattering mind and that silence you address from my heart. What you’re addressing is a lot deeper than the visible chaos, and I’m not really clear on how to get there. Apparently, IT is happening around and inside at the same time.”

Correct. Concurrent beliefs and actions sever outmoded frequency presentations and acceptance of what is normal. Observations on the mortality of relinquished patterns, structures and modalities of being are more global than in the linear past. Structural similarities predominant in said unusable forms are a clue. These energetic collections of beliefs and forms are destroyed under the ray of destruction, Ray One, necessitating the removal of the old and outmoded for birth of viable new ones. Such is the law. The dignity of humanity lies within its acceptance of these changes.

“I see that happening but feel a grief and sadness none the less. Someone once told me that grieving what is leaving is not bad, but not to live in that energy, to detach from it and feel what is replacing it. Ok, feels clearer now.”

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