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Article 14

There is a mother ship here. As I close my eyes in hope of a full night’s sleep, I see the etheric physical moving like wind over a dark landscape above the Karman line, yet closer to earth than our moon. I have often found myself, for a decade or so, suspended near this space with a view of the moon below.

When I began experiencing the mother ship, I wrongly labeled it a space station due to the myriad docking ports snugly set along its outer side. The ship appears oval or circular. I have yet to discern it in its entirely due to both its size and my limited viewpoint. I have also visited one of the huge interior malls peopled with humanoid, avian and insectoid Beings. But don’t track that because I may have created a melding of images based on science fiction, true dat.

I often visit the docking port of the avian species called the BaKa. You are familiar with them by now as Barbara Lamb and I had a long commo with them last spring. They absolutely adore Barbara and appear to put up with me. Last week I heard in my inner hearing a shrill screeching unlike any terran bird species. When I tuned in I saw a young avian just going at it, trying to either gain my attention or express extreme displeasure at some dumb thing I’d done. This went on for a couple hours until I called in one of its elders to shut it the hell up. It appears that other species share our child rearing challenges. A screeching teenager is distracting when I’m driving a half ton pick up down our one lane logging road. I still have no idea what it wanted.

The docking stations fascinate me. Each is specifically designed to support the life system and environmental necessities of the Beings docking there. I am unsure whether these ports are permanently set for specific crews or if the transform as the ships dock. Has anyone seen these? My inner sense of smell also activated when I visited one of the saurian docks. There was a sensual musky smell mixed with a floral scent. I am curious if those beautiful females exude that scent. Rather enchanting.

Now, this next message feels important but confusing. I often get these Zen koan thingies teasing me to try harder. This message was directed at what we are labeling The Gathering, the contacting of experiencers and scientists who agreed pre-birth to work for the dissemination of Off-Worlder realities. “ We are and It is all one”, you recall that download, right? The new message is “ Listen attentively and respectfully to all but believe no one.” My personal interpretation of that is to be respectful and non-judgmental when others reveal their research or experiences. We all matter. We are receiving different downloads tailored to our point of evolution and assigned tasks. They all matter. Everything puzzles together to birthe the New World. And believe no one reminds me to stay in my own lane, to avoid dreaming the dreams of others in glamour or belief.

What do you think?

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