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Article 13

It has come to my attention that a specific group of both scientists and experiencers have received the same message. That message is that “It is all one.” The psychic phenomena, OOBE’s, NDE’s, Off-Worlder communications and experiences, Intuition,Terran Devic, Ghosties, and all that is not specific to 3D physical senses, is all one energy. How can that be? This expanding population of folks receiving this download cannot explain the specifics, that is, the mechanics of how or why all is one, yet we feel it in our bones.

Today I requested clarification from my Ba Ka buddies (the Avians), and was thrilled to receive this message: It is “all one” due to the ability to perceive it as such, not because all extra-experiential situations replicate in frequency, but because you access them FROM a specific frequency.”

I understand intellectually but lack the science to define those terms. When I pressed the Ba Ka for help to understand their offering they said “ You are attenuated to neural access points looping back into the limbic system. The reptilian brain cortex stimulates not only survival but presses the synapses to externally magnetize extrasensory experience. As humanity leaps foreword so does it fold in on itself in a humoculus fetal bend, replicating a possibility of springing fully formed into a density specific to the required information.

Consider your infinity symbol and see the two circles connected by a filament is indicative of “time” connecting these varied extrasensory experiences.”

I hope that one of you has the knowledge to understand this download because I do not. Gotta go, need to can some salsa and clean the garage( yawn).

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