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Article 12

My friends, do not worry or mind what nay sayers may doubt about your extra terrestrial. experiences. Fear not, for no one can take from you what you know to be true. Your love ,your memory, your personal values will pass within the seed of your heart when you breathe your last breath. Believe in yourself and in the Creator Who birthed all that is. Be at peace.

Are we a tribe of scientists and experiencers bound by thought and feeling? Outer manifestations of friendships follow the requisite of cameraderie deeply connected with like-minded others? I should add like-hearted to that. The archetypes could include the Adventurer, the Seeker, the Hero and what about the Writer? Most of us in this Star Tribe have been wandering alone in the wilderness, solitary travelers bereft of succor, full of questioning and hope about our theories and experiences.

Let me perhaps share with you my beliefs and theories on this subject. It refers to the boundaries set by physical life and the otherworldly miracles imprinted upon that fabric. 

My specific gifts may mirror yours but your divine ones may present fully on a spectrum I can barely understand. This Tribe is called to a deepening intrigue with these gifts and how they puzzle-piece into a revelatory whole. I call upon our Tribe to identify the correlating signatures of dreams, oobes, ndes and density shifts. What is the comorbidity here? My experiences suggest that feelings both connect and differentiate these non-3D frequencies. I may not be very good at discerning the veracity of an experience when pinned down by my psychiatrist or scientific friends. I feel like a bug in a jar. Their frustration with me inevitably focuses upon my abject inability to define whassup in 3D. 

I am able speak volumes about what happened, how it felt, when and where I was when IT occurred, but can rarely give them an exactitude of how it fits into our shared reality. Was it a dream or an astral projection? A Hemisync visit to one of our centers on another side? Was it an actual ship on the lawn or was it a reflection, an image-in-action or a neurologically created projection? Dunno, at least not consistently. My inability to recognize the signature of manifestation does not interfere with the experience, only with the verification of what it was. This is frustrating for the scientists desiring to define and design base line paradigms for our work.

Everything is communicating all of the time. Not in actual language but in feeling and intensity, electromagnetically charging the (humor me here) mind belt with electrical projections and magnetic receptions. It is said that consciousness creates reality, but I believe that consciousness IS reality.

Our Off-Worlder friends are here for the long haul. We are the cargo but also the engine. They feed and love and fuel our soul aspiration to rejoin the Star Tribe, to return home and live within the boundless love of the cosmic mysteries. Fear not! We are one tribe, one creation, and share the values of love, light and power.

Be at peace!

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