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Article 11

Barbara Lamb Hypnotic Regression

Barbara Lamb is a world class UFO research and crop circle expert, both a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. After watching all of her youtube videos and listening to several radio broadcasts, I felt guided to contact Barbara for a hypnotic regression. Her kind and skilled demeanor coupled with her practiced artfully created space during the three hour session, was unlike anything I have experienced. I received life-altering revelations from my three Sources: my soul self, the Off-Worlder families and those etheric Beings who put up with me 24/7. Barbara has guided over 2000 regressions, tuning her highly developed skills into a methodology in alignment with the highest abilities humans possess to lead one through the gates guarding the rarified air of halcyon dream states.

My focus with this session was to fine tune my comprehension of what I was born to do and methods I might employ to stay on track for global world service. I ceased working with scientists and researchers after moving to Olympia in 1988, working reticently then with the irascible little Zeta Reticuli on frequency mediation and conscious states specific to Terran neural economies. My true love was my small fold of Scottish Highland Cattle and the nature sanctuary I created. Zetas be damned, I finally had enough of their appearing out of the blue,demanding I immediately write everything they dictated. I still have a trunk full of their directives, scribbled on paper napkins, legal pads, candy wrappers, toilet tissue...anything available to me when confronted with their irritating transmissions. These came through while I was driving, repairing fence posts, relaxing in the tub, anywhere and any time, amen. Just had enough. I fired them around 1990 and focussed on creating the portals in vortices on the sacred land as directed from Devic Beings, mainly the dwarfs and gnomes. But I did continue to enjoy visitations from Off-Worlders. True dat.

After moving to Montana in 2013, my research morphed yet again with a directive from guidance to “complete my degrees and create two theosophical doctorates in art and music”. Done. In 2018 I began an ongoing research project with Carol at Dynamic Health Technologies in Helena, Montana focussing on mediating the Nelson Indigo Biofeedback machine with Hemi-Synch technology I employ from The Monroe Institute in Faber Virginia.

On the morning of my work with Barbara Lamb, our home felt like Grand Central Station for etheric Beings. Resting in my chair in the bedroom suite, I glanced outside to observe a peculiar static in the wind-blown movement of the Ponderosa Pines. A wave form pattern seemed to slow down and speed up any normal flowing of pine needles. I blinked my eyes but recognized that a frequency shift was occurring, probably an affect of the dozens, if not hundreds, of Unseen now present. I certainly felt neurally altered, but I am quite familiar with that signature and know how to maneuver around or within whatever is presented. But that particular visual wave form was a new experience.

Earlier that day Thom and I were enjoyed a relaxing morning in the Great Room, drinking coffee and reveling in the shifting of sunlight on furniture and decor. I happened to glance at the fireplace to view this scene below:

A wizened old man with a long beard, full eyelashes and an Afghani style cap appeared with a Raven flying away in the right upper corner. Beautiful beyond words. I am trained to observe such manifestations and to accept them as gifts from Spirit. I recognized the archetypal signature of the wizened man and accompanying Raven as friendly and protective.

Barbara and I began the FaceTime session at 3:00. My bird tribe Off-Worlder friends entered first, coinciding with several of the Saurian species (smaller guys and very tall powerful brainiac guys. Here are the main topics and jewels they gave:

Those of us who are called to many planets for experience and service “leave your footprints in the sands of time. The heavier the burden of service, the deeper and more recognizable the footprints”.

“Earth Beings fascinate us and attract many hundreds of off planet Beings and forms of consciousness to observe and interact with humanity. We are intrigued by the hundreds, yes hundreds of levels of consciousness on one planet, meaning Earth. This exists on no other planet in this particular solar system. Hence, full knowing and participatory similarity in all growing at the same rate is not yet feasible. In perhaps one thousand years will Earth Beings begin to coincide their rates of awareness.”

They then showed me a large flat box of marbles, divided individually into little boxes. Hundreds of them.

I then saw some of them light up, while others glowed indiscriminately with dull to brighter hues. “Each level,of consciousness can be represented as a marble. None are identical yet seek to raise their frequency to the one immediately above it in energy. Observe the few brilliantly lit marbles. These attract scientific and evolutionary signatures from and of those of us seeking to alter humanity and remove blockages to reception.”

The Ba Ka avian Being then reintroduced the knowledge that there is no “everyone will learn this, everyone will have to do x y or z”, that the brilliance or dullness of those marbles will magnetically attract the next step for each human to encode specific knowledge. I found it comical that my interpretation of their download reminded me that all “everyone” does is eat, sleep and poop, lol.

So there you have it. Stay tuned for our next regression with Barbara Lamb on May 18th. I will travel to Helena, Montana to the Dynamic Health Technologies Clinic where Carol will connect me to the Nelson Indigo Biofeedback machine. Barbara will FaceTime us, collaborating with a small group of intuitives and researchers whom will observe this experiment and give input possibly during and après experiment. These experiments are indeed scientific albeit qualitative and subjective rather than quantitative and objective. We shall see, right? We will release any any all findings both freely and available for use by anyone. Blessings!

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