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Article 10

I met the most magical being, a pet of some sort, dog-like in both appearance and demeanor. I awakened yesterday feeling enlivened and a bit giddy whilst recalling the joy and warmth from this introduction from the fifteen foot praying mantis interdimensionals. It appears that I met one of their furry pets gracing either their home world or perhaps as a companion creature for them. Dunno, but here’s what happened.

I found myself standing ten yards or so from the open entrance to a store not unlike Home Depot. But the doorless opening was at least twenty feet tall and just as wide. Posed in the doorway, pulling at a long leash held by a hunanoid whose full impression was shadowed by the wall of that doorway, stood a fifteen foot creature, grinning and playfully tugging on the taut leash to reach me as would a dog whose owner just showed up after an absence. The creature’s hair was wirey, black but peppered with some grey and auburn. Its paws appeared canine but with six toes finalized by short transparent nails which I heard clicking upon the concrete floor. Its head was more square than oval, sporting perky ears a bit too small for its head yet suited well and proportionate upon a long stout neck. Yes, it displayed an unsurprising set of teeth, again rather doggie-like like and white.

I recall feeling overjoyed to see the beast although a bit concerned with its size and eagerness to reach me as it pulled actively on the long leash. None the less, I approached and began scratching its face now lowered to my level. It calmed a bit and seemed to connect with me, but not as I expected. I felt it was neither very intelligent nor did it feel any familiarity with me other than would a young puppy who runs up to anyone willing to play and give it attention. I then realized that this huge creature was a youngster! How much bigger would it be when fully grown?

I recall being curious about the humanoid holding its leash, but never saw him except for a brief glimpse of a smallish joyful man who was apparently strong enough to control the young exuberant creature. Curious indeed.

The encounter ended as abruptly as it has begun when I found myself standing alone on the cold hard floor. Everyone else had either disappeared or I had shifted frequency. The encounter was such a blessing, a real gift to my creature-obsessed heart, that my interdimensional friends would allow me to meet such a being. I am still unaware of its true origin, but giggle to imagine the humongo puppy could be a pet or creature they guard as a companion. There must be a population of these beings somewhere out there or in here. What do you think? Has anyone else met them? I bet you have.

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