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Addiction & Recovery

Article 1

Greetings and blessings to you all. This humble section will offer you glimpses into the life of a soul created to grind through the work of addiction/ recovery. I have 33 years working my program, and God only knows how many years I will be gifted with continuing this never ending path of uncovering truth, only my truth. I am an expert in this field but for only myself. I choose to avoid working other’s programs yet remain vigilant in continuing my own.

These writings will also address my work as a psychic medium in the field of demonology. More on that later. 2021 has been a brutal year for many. We are in the prophesied Wilderness Experience in which many beloved institutions and personal comforts are transforming into The New Country. 2030 will end this decade of acute crisis and change. We are all charged to become more authentic, to dig into the stuff of the soul wherein lies the jewels of personal truths. This journey can be lonely, activating the archetype of the Hero’s journey, of overcoming fear and over-requirements of comfort to avoid change. I have much to tell you but you have much more to tell yourself.

I offer you my hand in friendship and compassion, understanding that joy and discomfort are universal experiences. As we enter 2022, expect revelation, expect momentous change. If you have not done so, perhaps seek out a spiritual practice from Higher Power. You are bathed in it every second of your life. May you recover hope, may your courage bless you as we enter the New Country. I welcome your comments and will respond to each accordingly.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May His countenance shine upon you and give you peace

Article 2

What is addiction? I do not know. Perhaps it is just the human condition of emotionally desiring some thing other than God. I was adopted and raised in the reformed Jewish faith during the 1950’- 1970’s in Birmingham, Alabama. We attended Temple Emanuel at which my grandpa, Bill Engel, and my dad Marvin held several appointments as Temple President. I was raised as one of those white babies from the movie The Help. The Black goddesses who raised me secretly taught me about the Master Jesus.They gave me my music. Several of my dear friends’ parents were the children of slaves. I had many experiences with Jesus presenting Himself to me as a white-robed man carrying a lamb.

I recall one evening during one of my dear parents wonderful parties when I padded into the living room to kiss everyone good night. To this day I still do not know what possessed Dad to say “Why don’t you tell Mr and Mrs ? about your dreams of the farmer. I still recall the tall elegant man sitting on the couch next to his wife.

“I have lots of dreams” I began, “about a man with long hair and a white robe holding a lamb. I think he is a farmer.”

The gentleman almost dropped his drink as he leaned foreword, asking me what the farmer said. All I recall is saying He was my friend and said He would always help me. I have no memory after that.

In my early twenties I moved to Nashville for my music career and began having deeper mystical experienced. You can learn more of this in my simple book THE REALITY PIRATE’S JOURNAL.

I am a Theosophist, following the teachings of Mme Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alice Baileyand then the modernization of that way of thought through the Scottish artist Benjamin Creme. Theses are called The Ancient Wisdom Teachings. I have been a member of the Rosicrucian Order since 1976. As a demonologist I felt deeply drawn to the rituals of The Jesuit Catholic church. I went through catechism, baptism and confirmation at age 65 after yet another visitation by Saint Padre Pio. Any and all demonic attacks stopped and my work became more defined and protected. Go figure. I am not a Marian Catholic, I do not pray to or through the Master who was Mary. Although I deeply admire Pope Francis, I choose to see him as a benevolent leader for millions who require that.

As demonologist for over 40 years, I do not perform deliverance services for the afflicted, neither do I work as a spiritual sensitive with anointed exorcists. When I am requested to help an afflicted soul, as a researcher I attempt to connect them with the appropriate help. My years of directly assisting afflicted souls took its toll on my health. The other side knows my name. I will address this in a separate article as there is way too much abnormal interest in demons.

How does demonology meet addiction? I am sure you can answer that yourself, but I have a rather controversial opinion, so humor me! I intuit that when we are born into each life we are given a little suitcase containing the 7 deadly sins, our egoic self and all the good and challenging karma we agreed to address in that incarnation. We never get it all right because that little suitcase is our school, learning tool, a condition of physical existence. We come here to overcome this emotional load by raising our frequency to a more mental way of behavior. We come here to spiritualize matter.

When I was about forty and living at my Farm n Tenino, Washington, I saw a flyer at the co-op stating that a woman who had left Tibet with the Dali Lama was offering an initiation at the Wat ( Buddhist Temple) into the service of the Green Tara. After attending the service I continue to honor this medicine Tara with her invocation Om tara tu tara ture soha. I add that to my daily prayers and feel blessed to add my humble prayer towards reducing suffering for all sentient beings. Her energies were and are extremely protective in my work.

How do we access the Divine? That precious choice is personal, private and sacred. I can affirm that connection to Higher Power offers paths through the darkness this world. Prayer, service and meditation can shed divine wisdom upon the darkest emotion. Let us choose wisely and respect each other’s path. So mote it be. Go in peace.

Article 3

My co-dependent recovery process continues to involve me in consciousness and how aware I am in the midst of life’s trials. I choose to believe no one, yet listen to the stories of others as a sacred communion of like-minded others. Alice Bailey’s work continues to educate and inspire my process. Allow me to share with you a message from the Buddha, quoted in Bailey’s INITIATION HUMAN AND SOLAR, taken from her predecessor Helena Petrovna Blavatsky’ SECRET DOCTRINE, vol. III, page 401.

“The Lord Buddha has said that we must not believe in a thing said merely because it is said; nor traditions because they have been handed down from antiquity; nor rumors as such; nor writings by sages, because sages wrote them: nor fancies that we may suspect have been inspired in us by a Deva (that is, in presumed spiritual inspiration); nor from inferences drawn from some haphazard assumption we may have made; nor from what seems an analogical necessity; nor on the mere authority of our teachers or masters. But we are to believe when the writing, doctrine, or saying is corroborated by our own reason or consciousness. “For this” says He in concluding, “I taught you not to believe merely because you have heard, but when you believed of your own consciousness, then to act accordingly and abundantly”

What do you think of this? Does it feel truthful to you or is it wordy and out of touch with the modern world? My religion and spirituality is Theosophy. It interferes not with my other practices, nor does it demand I act in any way other than authentic expression from my heart. Do the words of the Buddha resonate with you? I feel they are perhaps one of the paths out of the deep woods of addiction and uncoveries.

What do you think?

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