The Smile Train

My framed original art is for sale. 100% of sales going to THE SMILE TRAIN. This wonderful organization provides 100% of the funding for local doctors in 85 countries to repair cleft palate deformities in children. They train local doctors to perform the surgery, and those doctors continue the gift by training other doctors, see? I love the reach one, teach one sharing model!

Imagine not being able to be seen by others without feeling embarrassed by your appearance. And I don’t mean having a bad hair day. Many of these children suffer in remote locations, unaware that help is available. 1 in every 700 kids are born with a cleft palate. But through this program, one child receives this life changing surgery every 5 minutes!

Appearance is not just a first world issue, but vainglory is. In a world where 1 out if 7 people starve in a world of dieters and prideful excess, we at Zoliart are sickened by this disparity. As of 1/1/19, Zoliart is donating $250 each month to The Smile Train. This pays for cleft palate repair for one child each month. When my original art pieces sell, those funds will also go to The Smile Train.

My prayerful aspiration is that others who believe they “have enough” will think of similar ways to share, to increase their spiritual bank account and teach this valuable lesson to a world in desperate need of heart-felt sharing. My Grandfather, William P. Engel coined a wonderful phrase...Pay your civic rent. I can only walk in his shadow but perhaps, together, you and I can bring more smiles to this world in need.

Feeding America

We who live in such abundance are called upon by the Holy Spirit to uplift our brothers and sisters by offering  them sustenance to simply live.  Over Seven billion human beings suffer daily from lack of food and clean water.  In our country alone, one is seven families go to bed hungry each night.  We stand silently with them in grocery store lines.  We pass each other on the street, so unaware that these Others, often with babes in arms, suffer silently as we load our carts with unnecessary desires to make our lives sweeter.   

What can you do?  The Zoliart Companies are called to action, praying that our service enlivens yours.  We are donating $500 every month to feed over 5,000 families in dire need of the basic necessities. is the website we refer to.  Please choose to help, as even $25 a month can fill the bellies of one hungry family.  May your generous spirit and love of your fellowman reach and teach your neighbor, blessed with the opportunity to feed others what we take for granted.  Blessings! zoli


No Kid Hungry

Zoliart also donates $250 every month to "No Kid Hungry"
For only $10 a month you can connect a hungry child with 100 meals!