Zoli Althea Browne

Just Livin' the Dream ~ Songs For Mother Nature ~ Never Too Old To Heal ~ Mestizo ~ The Olympia Project 1

About Zoli's Music

My original songs are a co-creation between Spirit and my Self, or soul. My job is to remember the songs as they float through the veils! Sometimes they enter my consciousness all at once like a tsunami of lyrics and music. Other songs take longer to recall. The reception process is delightful as I feel the song come together and enter our shared reality. Humbling indeed!

Few songs are autobiographical. The majority are thematic gifts to social or political movements...snap shots of our beliefs, tippy toeing with the zeitgeist! I love to inspire others to learn who they are, why they were born with specific gifts to share. It is indeed an honor to be ensouled on Earth. Perhaps my songs tap on the door of consciousness, offering a smidgen of comfort and hope to like-minded folks.

My aspiration is to inspire, to create joy and fun, to raise the bar on our perception of what we can accomplish together. When working with other creators in the studio, I am blown away by their personal musical expressions as we blend talents and expand my lead lines. As an older southern lady, I have recognized my gift as a songwriter and vocalist. I therefore depend heavily upon the talents of the string-players, drummers, keyboardists and horn players. I love working and creating with others!

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